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There seem to be no options for this in the menu bar on on the dock icon. I'm not really a VNC fan, in any of its forms It seems a shame to waste my screen real estate, especially since I am on only a 13" screen. Or press Command - 2.

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In more recent version of Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac, the combination is: Command - 1 to switch between Window and Full Screen. If you're trying to exit Full Screen, you can also hover your mouse at the top of the screen, it'll show up the menu as below. I think the best option here is to use Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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This is different than the Remote Desktop Client you mention. During setup for the connection there is an option for resolution, have that selected to "native" and you should be able to take advantage of full screen.

It is a commercial app, but provides a shareware version that allows you to manage up to 1 document, 10 connections and 10 credentials for free. It also offers native OS X fullscreen mode and an extended fullscreen mode that minimized the UI down to only the tab bar being visible. Check it out at: For an alternative that does full screen, try CoRD. You can try Ericom Blaze, a software-based RDP acceleration and compression product that accelerates RDP performance by up to times and delivers higher frame rates and reduces screen freezes and choppiness.

You can read more about Blaze and download a free evaluation at: This will turn on additional settings at login including a Display tab where you can change the Remote desktop size to full screen.

Remote Desktop Services

Control - 2 will take you back and forth from full screen to windows mode when using Microsoft RDP on a mac. You can also configure your RDP preferences but must exit and then log back into the RDP session for them to take effect.

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    Ask Question. Mike Marshall Mike Marshall 2 2 9. Nathan Grigg Nathan Grigg 1 8 It was a combination of this option and setting the remote display size to be a I tried this method, but, it's not a true "Full Screen". It's just the current window scaled i. You should be able to change the resolution inside the remote operating system e.

    We don't show the changes at upgrade anymore. We have made the following updates: When you connect to desktops and apps that redirect local resources to the remote session, you need to grant permission for Remote Desktop to access those resources. This fix applies to published apps you add using remote resources. Don't know how to configure your PC to access it remotely? Test drive the new experience and share your feedback: We are changing the folder permissions for the Remote Desktop application back to the default permissions.

    We recommend upgrading to this version to correct this issue. We are improving our app.

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    This is caused by the app name changing between versions. You might need to remove and add the app icon again. Automatic reconnections — if your connection temporarily drops during an active remote session, the app tries to connect again. Support for OpenSSL 1. Support for Remote Desktop Gateway pluggable authentication and authorization introduced in Windows 8.


    Pluggable authentication provides APIs that let you use custom methods for authentication and authorization with the Remote Desktop Gateway. You can use this to develop custom plug-ins that better fit your network admission requirements. Follow this link to learn more about implementation: We fixed an issue that caused applications to crash when you use Remote Resources or Azure RemoteApp.

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