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I tried troubleshooting unplugged everything, restarted computer, etc and then I finally just decided to delete the printer and reinstall it. Well now I can't even reinstall because my printer is not showing up on the computer. I know it's not the USB port as I have plugged other devices into it and they work fine.

I'm not quite sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated! Reset the printing system: Select the Defualt tab on the top of the window. Look for the printer, select it and wait until the "Add" button becomes available. After reloading the sheets of papers, reconnect the power cord to the rear portion of Check the connection and turn on the device. After the settings and everything, select a file on a computer and continue to take printouts from the device. To resolve this network connectivity issues, turn off the printer if it is in an active state and remove the power cables from the devices.

It is also important for you to check the power cord connection. If the connection is not direct, remove the connection and do it again for the printer. Check hp setup dj printer software download and driver installation, as this plays a role for the successful establishment of active network connection. Follow the onscreen steps to complete the download and installation quite successfully. Review your internal settings through technical instructions. After that, select a file on the computer and change the properties to continue with quick printing works from HP Deskjet Printer device.

First, press the power button on the printer device to Power Off and proceed to the steps below for rectifying this issue. Confirm whether the papers are of the same type and size and get the papers loaded into the tray of the device. Ensure all the papers are similar. Ensure that the paper ends are not folded and get it loaded properly to the input tray of the device to proceed with fine printing works on Verify the installation of the printer software and click on the print option of the file menu on your computer to check how the printing works.

Adjust in such a way that it slides down the edge of the papers to let those rests against the edge of the printer device and then select a file to print. It is common during driver setup, the user may find it difficult to find the desire printer device during the installation setup. Follow the steps to fix this issue. Turn off dj printer and start removing the cables from the back side of the printer and the computer. Continue to the steps to verify the installation. Also, be sure that you choose the suitable printer driver and continue the steps for the successful dj printer driver download on your own PC.

Make use of print using option to find printer device on the list. I think this last issue mostly occurs when changes are made to the printer's SNMP settings. I tried pinging from the server - did not work either strange - I was pinging the port instead of the actual printer ip!! I connected to the server on the client computer via the search button on windows lower left button. Got into the server, clicked on the network printer.

Printer said connecting to host, after a couple of seconds the printer queue opened up. Clicked on file and printer was on-line. I suspect a DNS issue of some kind but unclear, hope this helps. This was a basic ping and search kind if way instead of messing with settings. I hope you can assist me, as I have a similar problem to this and hopefully the following will make sense. Our PC is running 64 bit windows 7 whereas the pharmacy PC's are running 32 bit, not sure if this is relevant?

We have various installations that are running in pharmacies, our installation is behind a Cisco firewall and consists of various PC's, the main one is now running under Windows 7. It talks to the pharmacy computers via the firewall, with the PC's having a label printer connected via USB. Obviously as I am dealing with remote sites and I do not have access to the client PC's only ours, so it is difficult to make changes to the Pharmacy PC.

I have tried a few things from this site but nothing has worked, so does anyone have any ideas, as I can definitely make changes on our PC? I would suggest going to the printer properties and selecting the 'ports' tab, then click the 'configure port' button and from their remove the 'check' from the button that states 'SNMP Status Enabled' to disable SNMP.

This will take a matter of seconds and your print jobs will start printing as the printer will go from 'offline' to 'online' as soon as you apply this change.

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Found this thread trying to find out why a printer installed on an office DC was showing up as offline. One share deployed as default for the site has colour printing disabled. One showing 'Ready', one 'Offline'. Anyway, I changed the community name to the one we use for printers and therefore the one that was in the settings on the actual printer and it instantly came back to 'Ready'.

I am having this same printer offline issue on a windows 7 32bit machine. I am using an IP port. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Office Office Exchange Server. Mobility MCSE: Not an IT pro? Windows Client. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by: Windows 7 IT Pro. Windows 7 Networking. Windows 7 Networking https: Sign in to vote. We are having an unsuaual problem all of a sudden printing to networked printers from Windows 7 clients.

XP and Vista clients print as usual. Windows 7 clients say the printers are offline. I'm sure I was able to print from Windows 7 clients last week. Windows 7 Installation, Setup, and Deployment. Monday, October 5, 6: Marked as answer by Vivian Xing Friday, October 9, 3: Wednesday, October 7, 5: I'm having a similar problem in Windows 7 Ultimate.

I have a shared network printer that's an HP LJ - this thing has been around since the stone age and works fine - the driver has been bundled with every version of Windows since 95 I think. Everybody in my workgroup can print to the printer just fine, but if I RDP to my main workstation running Windows 7, then next time I log in through the console, the HP LJ which is my default printer shows up as offline even though all the other workstations and server can print fine, so the printer isn't offline at all.

I can connect to the server fine and I can delete the printer, but I can't reinstall it until the workstation reboots. Alternately, a reboot is required to show the printer back online again. I used to have a similar problem in Vista Ultimate when I would login remotely via RDP but then it would only clear the default printer flag, so I'll I had to do was re-select it as the default printer.

This is very annoying. Jeff Balcerzak. Tuesday, February 2, 3: I was having the same issue with Windows 7 bit Ultimate. For some reason the port changes. Had to go in any manually reset the IP address from Sunday, February 7, 6: Monday, March 22, 4: I am having this same problem with windows Vista and two different computers, one a Dell Laser the other an HP office Pro.

Wednesday, July 21, 9: I am having this problem as well. I have been able to get the printers to show online again by restarting the print spooler. Does anyone have a fix? I have Windows 7 Ultimate bit. Saturday, December 11, Dear Vivian, I don't think you are solving any problem. Sunday, December 19, Thanks again! Sunday, February 13, 3: Tuesday, February 22, 8: Friday, February 25, 6: Problem seems to be fixed with Win7 SP1 update I installed this morning.

Let's see if this update fixes the problem for others who have posted here. Seth Thomas. Friday, February 25, 7: Proposed as answer by wags Tuesday, May 24, 6: Monday, March 7, 9: Proposed as answer by podfkjgpokegr Saturday, April 18, 1: Tuesday, March 8, 2: As I read over this and other post, there is no "fix" to "printer offline" that works long term. Yes reinstalling the printer works until whatever conditions drive this issue happens again.

Proposed as answer by tydacomputerguy Saturday, April 16, 5: Tuesday, March 29, 1: Here's how I put my printer back online 1. Double click the offline printer to bring up the print queue 2. Print a test page to see if the issue is resolved. I hope this Helps God Bless. Proposed as answer by jasonw98 Tuesday, September 18, 8: Saturday, April 16, 5: Hi, I've been having this problem for as long as this forum's had the original post and have tried most of the things mentioned.

Saturday, April 23, Please help. Sunday, May 1, 4: Proposed as answer by macfamily Monday, May 9, 7: Monday, May 9, 7: My fix was to: Other information: Wednesday, May 18, 9: Andy Perfect Andy! Did this for all of the printers showing offline while using wireless and they all showed up online immediately. Proposed as answer by jjazzbel Tuesday, April 29, 7: Tuesday, May 24, 6: I agree that Vivian does not have an answer here.

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I have the same problem on a network setup with 7 printers going offline. Win 7 64bit! This seems to be a bug to me and we need a windows update. Also there is no option to go back online when double clicking the printer to see whats printing Tuesday, June 14, 9: Wednesday, June 15, 2: Thursday, June 23, Thursday, July 7, 3: Thanks a lot Andy! Saturday, July 16, 9: I had the same problem This has something to do with security settings. Tuesday, July 26, After working on this problem all morning, disabling snmp did the trick for me. Thursday, August 18, 3: Sunday, August 21, 3: This solution worked for me.

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Was working for several days, after long weekend printer was offline on all computers. Unchecked SNMP within printer settings and printer immediately can online. Good job Andy! Tuesday, September 6, 7: Thanks for the advise. Friday, September 16, Thx alot Andy, you made my day! Wednesday, September 21, 9: Hi, If you face an offline error message with your network printer, you need to make sure that the printer is running and that all cables are secure.

You have two options to turn off the offline mode. Double-click on the printer you want to change to online from the displayed window. Monday, October 3, That does not, in fact help, as the problem is with Windows 7, not the printer, and simply unchecking 'Printer Offline' won't help, else people would have already done that.

Please read the other comments in this or any thread before responding. Tuesday, October 4, 8: The moment I unclicked that, the printer started printing.

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It's easy to see why these sorts of bugs persist in MS systems for years, when the same person who gives such a non-answer marks it as the answer. Thank you so much Andy. Have Windows 7 on laptop, lexmark all in one. Worked like a charm. Wednesday, October 5, 4: Edited by Codewize Friday, October 7, 5: Friday, October 7, 5: Select the printer you are having problems with and right click on it and select "printer properties" 3.

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Select the ports tab 4. Select "configure port" 5. This resolved my printer offline problem. Proposed as answer by edgarg Monday, October 24, 5: Monday, October 24, 5: This method works. This resolved my printer offline p. Monday, November 7, 9: No, it doesn't: Monday, November 14, 7: Doesn't work for me either. Tuesday, November 15, 3: Thursday, November 17, 2: I hope this helps you, -Adam. Proposed as answer by zz-at-beijing Wednesday, November 30, 9: Friday, November 18, 4: Here are the steps: Open up your printer 2. In the "Printer" tab, pull down and click on "Properties" 3.

Click on "Ports", and then click the "Configure Port" button your network printer should already be highlighted as active 4. Wednesday, November 30, 9: Nothing in this thread up to this point worked for me. I'm not doing a system restore to fix a printer. Wednesday, November 30, 3: Would love to be educated about the how to set up a printer without using DHCP. That didn't solve the problem for me. Wednesday, November 30, 4: If you care to share your email I'll elaborate further but this thread is not the place.

Edited by Codewize Thursday, December 1, Thursday, December 1, But agree that using a static IP address is advisable for printers. Turning of SNMP in the printer driver properties did it for me too. Let's see how long it lasts. Monday, December 19, 3: Monday, January 9, 8: Proposed as answer by Nifft Monday, February 13, 7: Wednesday, January 11, Wednesday, January 18, 8: Edited by Codewize Wednesday, January 18, 9: Wednesday, January 18, 9: Simple fix!

Thursday, January 26, 6: What worked for you? Thursday, January 26, 7: I'm getting the same message. Have you found any resolution? Monday, February 13, 7: So far so good, but I've been burnt before. Tuesday, February 14, 1: Many thanks Tydacomputerguy; Your solution worked for me. Friday, February 17, 4: Thanks andy, you were sopt on - remove SNMP from the properties and all back on line. Wednesday, February 22, This post such a waste of users time, irresponsible at best - follow Andy's advice.

This post such a waste of users time, irresponsible at best - follow Andy's advice You're wrong. Edited by Codewize Wednesday, February 22, There are two seneros: You can unplug all or lose all power and your printer will always be ready. Saturday, February 25, 8: There are two scenarios: Edited by Codewize Saturday, March 3, 5: Saturday, February 25, Set to never Sleep or Hibernate.

Edited by Jingoist Sunday, March 4, 3: Sunday, March 4, 3: Hmmm I'll have to check that. Makes sense I've seen laptops have problems with wireless connections for the same reason. I'll check the settings, test the theory and report back. Friday, March 16, 8: Friday, March 16, I was ping the printer ip address I need a solution. Tuesday, March 27, Andy Well done, Andy! That fix works on every Windows 7 machine on my network!

Do you or anyone here have a clue as to why SNMP was the issue? Best regards, Paul. Saturday, April 7, 4: My printers are hard-wired, and the fix worked similarly. Proposed as answer by Nikolas57 Monday, April 16, 3: I read this tread 2 months ago but nothing here help me, so i decide to open a case to MS. He provide me this as solution we applied this and so far so good: Add the following registry key on clients save in notepad with. There is information about this in the following page: We didnt apply the point 3 but we apply point and we dont have this problem anymore.

Monday, April 16, 3: Thanks heaps. Was a bit difficult to find. Had to click on printer and then configure ports.

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I de-selected it and it started almost immediatley after hitting apply. Tuesday, May 22, 1: Nikolas57, I have been fighting this issue for the last 2 months. Edited by curtiskidd Thursday, May 24, 2: Wednesday, May 23, 5: My Setup: Find this one under port configuration. User is limited on desktop PC. Thursday, May 24, 7: For what it's worth I've actually found something that worked for me with some Lexmark devices.

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Restart the computer This is the only complete resolution That I've found that works for more than a day. Edited by Codewize Thursday, May 24, 8: Thursday, May 24, 8: Print Server: Attempted solutions: Restarting the spooler services does bring the printers back online for a short period. Not a fix. Verified all print drivers were the latest version - all were up to date. This had no effect on the problem, continued to show offline randomly.

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  • Installed Hotfix KB referenced in earlier post on the workstation, no fix. Installed Hotfix KB on the R2 server, different download, no fix. Thanks to everyone that contributed. I'm happy to have a solution that keeps us functioning. Edited by curtiskidd Tuesday, May 29, 2: Tuesday, May 29, 1: Tuesday, June 19, 8: I'm happy to announce that we released a hotfix today that addresses this issue. The hotfix is available here: Thank you.

    Wednesday, July 11, 5: Generally speaking, if a network interface on a printer is active, the USB interface will be disabled. Wednesday, July 11, 6: Hi All, I am having the same problem. Anyway I haven't tried the hotfixes yet: