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Just copy over their own user directories manually starting fresh with apps of after one user does the migration assistant. Half the fun of a new computer is an excuse to start over fresh. You end up loading up stuff you need and nothing else. As a tech who has done thousands of Mac setups in corporations over the decades, I know about Migration Assistant. It does a decent job — but as others have mentioned, it will bring over a lot of the old junk from the old system.

It does not do any compatibility testing on if your apps will work or not or how old your fonts are or if your preferences are corrupt or not. And when it does this, you get a system that is not quite as buggy as the old Mac, but nowhere near as stable as a clean install of the OS and clean installs of the apps. You are better off doing a clean install of the applications and moving over your files by hand. Move your fonts over and add them in through Font Book included in the Applications folder and be sure to scan them for damage or corruption.

You can export your bookmarks from Safari or any other browser you use and reimport them again. Install a new printer driver — they tend to be OS specific. Your mileage may vary, but this should cover most generic users needing to move to a new Mac. Getting a new Mac is a great opportunity to get a fresh start — like moving into a new house. Have fun! Would it be possible to hardwire the old Mac to the new Mac before using Migration Assistant?

How to Create a Local Network to Connect Two Macs

And if so what type cable would one use to connect the two Macs? What would be the best way to transfer files to a clean install or new MAC? I suppose my Mac gathered a lot of garbage through the years and I am thinking about a clean install. With the Migration Assistant I fear to copy all this junk as well.

What is the best way? Do I just copy the stuff I need manually? Where do I find all the local Mails? What about Apps bought old fashioned online? Thanks for some advice and greetings from Germany. Yes, exactly. I want to transfer my information from my old mac to a shiny, new OS X installation.

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I dont want any of the garbage settings, and built up cr p. I want my old stuff on a fresh install. Suggestions for that other than painstakingly moving library, application support and myriad other files and folders from one to the other? Personally, I just take my documents, pictures, and itunes library, and copy that stuff manually to a brand new Mac. Then I go and redownload and reinstall the apps I want. That way you dont carry around legacy stuff you may not need anymore, but you keep all your documents. Especially with Photoshop, I was hoping to avoid having to reload all my plug-ins, actions, key commands, brushes, work spaces, etc.

I actually was a little skeptical of this when I recently purchased my new MBP.

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In the case of copying files from Computer B to Computer A, perform the same steps, but this time the steps previously performed on Computer A are performed on Computer B and vice versa. Have you set up a small home network using an Ethernet crossover cable?

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Let us know your ideas in the comments section. Image credit: Miniature engineer team try to connect ethernet cables to port by DepositPhotos. Get it now! I have one desktop computer and a laptop at home. I use the desktop PC for heavy 3D graphics works , but due to long hours sitting on the pc makes it tedious. Will it produce a lag in the functionality, like we face in remote pc to pc access?

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Will my laptop processor be taking the additional load of the 3D processing which the PC would as it is be doing in this setup? This howto does not fully work for me.

Any idea what is wrong? We can also share data between 2 or more laptops or desktops which all are connected to a common modem through LAN cable…. Skip to content. Choosing Between Straight or Crossover Cables To know which cables will get the work done, one should first determine which devices they seek to connect; are they devices of the same kind two computers for example or devices of a different kind a computer to a network switch or Ethernet hub, for example.

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