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Security researchers occasionally identify potential flaws, which Apple customarily fixes fast. The best way to keep your iCloud Keychain safe is to keep your device software up to date. Apple also maintains a privacy policy. You can read it here. That makes it much easier to follow good security practises, such as using a different passcode for every service.

On a Mac, you can also create and store secure notes in your iCloud Keychain. Such notes require their own password, as well as your account password, to access, making them highly secure spaces to store things such as software licenses. Write and name the note and tap Add. To access that note in the future you will need the password you set.

OS X Mavericks - Profile Manager and iOS Devices

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OS X Mavericks: A Free OS Worth Paying For

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Now, in OS X Mavericks beta, Safari has a new trick up its sleeve, with the ability to suggest secure passwords to you, and then saving them for you when you go back to that site. Next, click on the iCloud preferences icon to bring up the iCloud prefs.

If you didn't receive the verification code through SMS

Now, in the list to the right, click on Keychain to check the box next to it. I reset mine. Now, head to Safari, and pull up a website that needs a password upon sign up.

OS X Mavericks: A Free OS Worth Paying For [REVIEW]

Move your mouse pointer to the edge of the first display to jump to the next. Get iOS-style notifications: Notifications is a welcome new feature on the Mac that made its mark initially on iOS devices. Recognize a common theme here? On Mac OS Mavericks, you get all sorts of notifications: system notifications, news updates, e-mail notifications from which you can reply , FaceTime notifications, and more.

Organize your files into Finder Tabs: This helpful organizing tool lets you combine a number of Finder windows into one, potentially reducing desktop clutter in the process. You can move files by dragging and dropping them onto a tab.

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  • Or Command-click to add a folder to a Finder Tab. Tag your files with keywords: Tags are all about organization too. You can assign tags to a document or other file, making it a breeze to find them again later.