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To assign a knob, slider or button on your M-Audio or Evolution product, simply drag the parameter from the list and drop it onto the controller you wish to assign. Or view your Evolution controller's Default Presets, then cut-and-paste any number of them into a new memory location. Do the same with your own User Presets Version 1. Rate this app:.

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Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: M-audio enigma software Hi I was wondering if there is any benefit to installing the enigma software from m-audio. I prefer to have only essential software installed on my computers, no games or stuff like that, just music programs and plugins etc, but if there are real benefits to this software then i will use it of course, just wondering if anyone has an opinion on the engima software and logic studio. As mentioned, the placement of knobs and faders on the surface of the device is important for finger drumming.

First of all, these control elements should not stick out too much above the surface, and secondly they should not be placed too close to the pad section. Otherwise they would be in the way when playing the pads with certain hand postures. The placement of both the knobs and the faders on the Trigger Finger Pro is good and will not interfere during finger drumming performances.

The Trigger Finger Pro is much more complex than its predecessor with all its options to control different software parameters and with all its different banks and the sequencer.

Trigger Finger triggers drum sounds, more

That makes me believe that it is shipped with an editor to help me get quickly organized and to exchange presets with friends and colleagues. Even more worrying… when I googled to find out how to do a factory reset on the Trigger Finger Pro , I found a post on the M-Audio forum that made very clear that there is no such magic like a factory reset.

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro - Setting up with Logic

That impressed me even more than the lack of an editor. In a nutshell this means that if you spoil a factory preset that the Trigger Finger Pro comes with by default, good luck trying to re-build it on your own.

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I like it mainly for its huge and useful sample content. Probably because of its simple layout, it immediately provides all the bread and butter tools to effectively shape sounds. It is easy to use. Is this the final price tag? I am not sure.

M-Audio Trigger Finger

Openly and honestly, I have no use for the sequencer in the Trigger Finger Pro. When I subtract these two features, I have no other choice than to see the Trigger Finger Pro as a traditional pad controller.

Moreover, I ask myself if M-Audio really ever tried hard enough to enter this market, because a modern groove production studio provides features that let a person create full songs with several parts and sequences, let you mix down subgroups, automate tracks, and effects and keep it all concise. It does not cost anything additional, but that action helps us keep up the work that we do in order to bring finger drumming to the people.

Many thanks in advance!

This product has been discontinued.

Hi First ,let me thank you for the nice info in this site. I do have some comments about this review. I have bought the Trigger finger Pro. Sounds weird? I use Sonar X3. A tidy easy to handle interface to produce beat. Also , creating sets and recalling them in projects is really nice.