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Zellio macrumors Feb 7, 1, Does having so much Vram for such slow gpus even make a difference? Wouldn't the gpu be bottlenecked long before using anywhere near 1 gb vram? Dec 17, 3, Zellio said:. That-Guy macrumors a. Feb 25, 55 UK. Anyone tried this on Yosemite or is this Mavericks only? Also would a software update wipe this?

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For example if Thanks in advance. Jan 19, 1, That would be very welcome if somebody tested it under Yosemite? Oct 27, 1 1. Thanks very much for this great thread. I was wondering about this, as I've just purchased my MacBook Pro 13" early and upgraded it to Yosemite.

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  • Terrible graphical performance. Next step was to recover my backup. Whether it will survive a software update - I'm not sure, but easy enough to repeat. Reactions: LewisChapman. Nov 14, 3 1. Maxinho macrumors newbie.

    Nov 25, 1 0. I use my machine for 3d rendering, not complicated stuff, mainly building stills. I then upgraded to Yosemite which I'm not sure about, as i can't use my Drawing software now!!

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    Don't want to f things up! My machine is a mid MBP 8 gb etc etc. Many thanks. Grama macrumors newbie. Dec 16, 3 0. Do not really changes Sorry to end with the party, but this tweak do not really changes the vram quantity.

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    See the screenshot with the proof. Perhaps there is another place to change or anything else to do? If someone knows a way to really changes the vram on mac os, it should be really useful! Oct 26, 1 The Netherlands. Interestingly, a current MacBook Air has 1. I'm wondering why Apple went with 1. The party is on again! After some research I figure out how to make this tweak really works, you have to edit the Info. Have fun! After several tests and benchmark I realize that vram size is the best.

    More then that your gpu don't use, believe me, I tried! The proof screenshot:. Grama said:. Benchmarks paulrbeers said:. But does it actually make a difference? I really doubt that giving it a bunch more vRAM is going to really make any difference unless you happen to utilize a process that stores a lot of data in vRAM but doesn't require a lot of GPU power behind the vRAM which has to be a very limited use case. I'd love to actually see some bench marks that proves whether it is even worth doing this hack Last edited: Dec 23, I did some benchmarks, the system version are not equals cause first benchmarks with mb vram was made with yosemite Without the Info.

    The SSDK-I can also perform in a wide range of operating temperatures, and is fully tested in-house to guarantee sustained functionality, enhanced endurance and optimal reliability in mission-critical applications. Transcend SLC USB Flash Memory features a compact, portable design that can be used in industrial, medical, and military applications where reliability and data retention are crucial.

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    How to EASILY Upgrade Mac Mini RAM (2019)

    Need a real speed boost? Transcend's JetMemory modules are fully compatible with Mac computers, and offer up to GB of expanded capacity. With built-in ECC Error Correcting Code , you can perform all kinds of computationally-intensive projects while enjoying perfect stability. JetMemory is an excellent way to spark up the performance of a sluggish Mac.

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