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This luxurious font family is available in two elegant styles; stencil and sans. This means that both versions of the font can be used together as a perfect pairing. The stencil style has a special way of connecting the parts of the letters which makes it a great option for your stylish projects. The sans serif style is perfectly geometric and comes only in uppercase. Designer Rajesh Rajput created this modern, elegant font with a whopping 20 different weights and multiple language support glyphs.

Perfect for fashion and lifestyle projects, Gorgeous looks great in large titles and intertwined with background elements. This modern elegant font, inspired by classic Didot fonts, can be used with or without flourishes. Wonderful for titles, subtitles and longer form texts, Luxia is a very stylish font with lots of possibilities for all sorts of creative projects.

Sans fonts like simplifica are considered elegant fonts because of their simplicity. The uppercase letters have straight lines and perfectly angled diagonals. The lowercase letters have curved terminals, creating a special tone in longer texts. Designer Hendrick Rolandez created Coco with the fashion professional in mind. Thin, elongated letters with a special touch of transparency at the edges create wonderful titles and short bodies of text. Coco works wonderfully as a signature or a font as well. This art deco inspired thin rounded font designed by Gabriele Magurno is good for those projects that need an elegant font with a bit of a twist.

The different widths of the individual letters might need some kerning adjustments for better balance. Zetafont designers created Cocomat, inspired by the style of the twenties and the art of Italian futurists. The detail of the lower bars gives this elegant font a special air of sophistication. The free version comes in two practical weights and only in uppercase.

If you are looking for that perfect elegant font with a younger twist, Penna is the right font for that. With long ascenders and descenders ending in curves, the lowercase letters are great for short paragraphs like book blurbs or quotes in postcards and social media graphics. This elegant font is ideal for the younger crowd. Clearlight is a font which seamlessly joins elegance with industrialism.

Designers from Nima Visual designed Clearlight to be used as titles, subtitles and short paragraphs.

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It would work great for a fancy robotics company or an upscale technological services brand. Another art deco inspired font, Diner is an extra long and thin font that comes only in uppercase but in four very different weights. Designed by David Rakowski, Diner is perfect for titles and logos and would look great paired with a rounded calligraphy font. Coves is that type of elegant font that works pretty much with any style of project.

Not committing to any particular era or movement, the elegance in Coves comes from the perfectly geometric weight in both light and bold, uppercase and lowercase. Designer Jack Harvatt created one of the most versatile elegant fonts available today. If casual elegance could come together in a font, it would be in this one. Casual has uniquely rounded point terminals, giving the letter a special air of nonchalance.

This font works great for labels, sticker tags and invitations. Titles look wonderful while longer text could look a bit crowded. Another great font by Craft Supply, Prestage is a tall, elegant font with solid and outline variations. This font works great for print or web and is perfectly suited for the creative industry. It looks great in titles and text alike, preferably for short, succinct paragraphs. Prestage is a great choice for elegant packaging, magazine covers, blog and even logos.

Designer Cristina Pagnotta created the Audrey font as an elegant sans serif alternative for titles and typographic compositions. It is available in three weights, and as regular or oblique. The variations inside the font allow for lots of possibilities for any elegant project on web and print alike. This tall and modern elegant font is perfect for short statements. This font is particularly useful for social media graphics and other projects like sticker labels and posters.

Argentine designer Mariano Diez took the elegance of a tall font and added just a bit more character to it. This Scandinavian style elegant font designed by Asia Ang is particularly special for its ligatures. Rounded and condensed, Komoda is great for quotes and statements, logos and name cards. A modern sense of elegance gives this font a special air of comfort. This geometric elegant font designer by Frederick Lee comes in both uppercase and lowercase, which look great paired together.

Black Chancery

Perfect for product labels, titles or bodies of text, Kano joins elegance with geometry seamlessly. The geomanist font from the atipo foundry is a perfectly rhythmic elegant font that works great for titles in large size and weight while also really well in text in the thinner weight. Monument Valley is a contemporary elegant font with a condensed style designed by Taylor Spaulding.

This font works great for posters, postcards and product branding. Monument Valley is available in uppercase only. This font designed by Claudio Rodriguez is a geometric elegant font perfect for titles and headings. The font comes in two versions: one perfectly geometric and the other with futuristic additions.

Agus is particularly special because it can also be used as an animated font. This font, designed by Marco Ugolini is perfect for both titles and paragraphs. Geometric but with some special details, Biko is a nice mix of modernity and elegance. It works great for social media and the younger upscale crowd. Aptly called "the elegant font for everything," Espoir looks great on invitations, titles and packaging.

Bot uppercase and lowercase are slightly elongated and the spaces inside closed letters are elegantly condensed for an air of minimal sophistication. Rounded font Quesha is perfect for feminine designs that need a bit of an elegant feel. Both uppercase and lowercase styles feel like classics and are perfect for jewelry brands or lifestyle publications. Quesh, designed by Nima Visual could work great as a logo or on a business card.

Calligraphy has always been the most elegant of all the fonts, ever. This calligraphy style font, The Cardinal, has plenty of ornaments and swashes to design beautiful wedding invitations and ornate typographic compositions. With inspiration from all the European classics, this font will make any design extra elegant. Pinyon Script is a slanted font with romantic and elegant swashes. Perfect for large names and titles on invitations, this font designed by Nicole Fally is lovely and easy to read.

Rounded edges give this font a soft elegance difficult to compete with. This ornate font inspired by classic vintage hand-lettering is great for signatures, logos and name cards. Capital letters include swashes resembling delicate brush strokes. The Monsieur La Doulaise fonts is a digital version of one created as part of the Charles Bluemlein Script Collection, a series of fonts with names of people which all look like signatures.

The ornate swashes are more feminine in style than other classic script fonts and have a bit of whimsy to them. This font is great for invitations but could also look great on labels for natural health care products. A calligraphy font does not have to be classic to be elegant.

Modern style hand-lettered fonts are beautifully elegant as well. Frutilla, designed by Ian Mikraz is perfect for Instagram, feminine lifestyle websites and modern style elegant wedding invitations. This modern elegant font, Yolan, was designed by Indonesian Yuni Fadil Putra as a great alternative to the classic calligraphy font. The large loops and irregular letter sizes in this font are great for Instagram style social media graphics and other projects like packaging labels and name cards. Japanese designer Toshi Omagari created Tangerine inspired by the chancery fonts of the 16th and 17th century.

The most notable aspect of this elegant font is the long ascender slanted at the top and the short lowercase letters. Tangerine is great for titles and short bits of text. Southampton is one of the favorite elegant script style fonts from the Creatype Studio. Both modern and elegant, the ligatures are delicate and classy. This font is perfect for signature style logos, unique packaging labels and business cards.

Italianno is a tight script font from the same designers as Great Vibes and Allura. This elegant font comes in only one weight but includes over glyphs for most languages and plenty of different compositions. Unlike most script fonts, Italianno works quite well in longer text as long as the line height is a bit wider than usual. Allura is a perfectly digitized script font with rounded edges which works great in both print and web for elegant text of all kinds. Allura is a very versatile font which can easily be used in elegant invitations as well as social media graphics.

The swashes and flourishes available for this font are great for creating a stylized composition for a wedding invitation or an artistic poster. Another masterpiece by Mans Greback, Qaskin is a script reminiscent of the classic vintage style for posters and signage. This illustrative style elegant font can be used in logos and invitations as well as for T-shirt designs or greeting cards. This thick style script font falls into the modern elegant category. Created by the designer team at Pixel Surplus, Adrenaline works well for all sorts of projects, from branding to merchandising.

The elegance is this font is found in its clean lines and connected swashes.

This adventurous elegant font is great for name cards and social media graphics. Glyphs include plenty of options for multilingual text. Orana is an artist of many trades, currently working as a graphic designer for bloggers and small businesses. Her love of art and travel create the perfect artist-nomad combination.

She founded Orana Creative to help freelancers, solopreneurs and bloggers master a better visual strategy. She is passionate about eye happiness and loves constructive criticism. There were some nice fonts in here. Great post! I am addicted to fonts so I really liked this. Now days Bold fonts are so popular.. Flat design light fonts are also new trends.. Thanks for this cool collection…. And better to stay away from FontSpace because I saw a lot of knock off fonts from myfonts there.

No offense to FontSpace, I was argue with one of my freelancer, he said he using legit font that he downloaded it from FontSpace. The original version is on MyFonts, I almost got a big trouble almost sued because of that.

Apple Chancery Italic

Thanks for the feedback, Chris. BodoniFLF is freely available for commercial purposes using the link provided above. Hi Karen, you can download the font for free by clicking on the link provided. It takes you to this page, where you can register as a free user. Hi Elena Sometimes font designers put their fonts for free for a short while and then revert to a paid option.

The font Audrey is free for commercial use on desktop only. Hi Ashley. It happens that sometimes websites get taken down for many reasons.

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    • The clock symbols were improved. An Access All Alternates feature was added. The WOFF versions are unhinted to reduce file sizes. If you want to add hinting to the WOFF versions, this can be done using the free ttfautohint utility, which is what FontCreator uses to hint fonts. Open Sans is an OpenType font released under an Apache 2. It has five weights in ten subfamilies, extensive glyph coverage Latin Extended, Greek, and Cyrillic. ALI Versions 3. Version 3. Where appropriate, composites were composed with anchors, and narrow diacritics were used for narrow base glyphs.

      The WOFF versions are compressed and have no hinting to minimize file size. If you want to add hinting to the WOFF versions, this can easily be done using the free ttfautohint utility, which is what FontCreator uses to hint fonts. In version 3. The Bold Stylistic Alternates are now also two-coloured.

      Black Chancery Free Font

      Firefox and Vivaldi Chromium-based support coloured fonts, but most applications do not. Veluvana Version 3. Verajja Version 4. Verajja Serif Version 2. The fonts were validated to remove suspicious points and other bugs. Icons were added to indicate which OpenType Features are present. Carita and Hattha were withdrawn as they will no longer be updated to match my other fonts. My most recent fonts no longer use the OpenType Compiler. Alternative Fractions: afrc Stacking fractions are useful for typesetting fractional measurements in inches. Case-sensitive Forms: case Brackets may be moved up to align better with Capital letters.

      Character Variants: cvcv99 Some glyphs like Gabriola Windows 7 have alternate letter forms that the user can select manually. Contextual Alternates: calt Use in connecting script fonts to substitute alternate glyphs after capital glyphs to improve the joining of adjacent glyphs. Denominators: dnom : Baseline subscripts for use with the fractions feature. Use the same glyphs as the superscripts.

      Discretionary Ligatures: dlig These are primarily intended for decorative use or to recreate the appearance of historical documents. Historical Forms: hist s will be replaced with long s: It should have a lower precedence than historical ligatures. Historical Ligatures: hlig sb, sh, sk, sl, si ssi, ssl, etc.

      Kerning: kern All of my fonts now have OpenType kerning tables as well as legacy kerning tables. This makes it possible to include many more kerning pairs. OldStyle Figures: onum Designed for use with lowercase and petite capitals. Ordinals: ordn Where a letter or letters follow a number, this feature will substitute superscripts. In Adobe and Microsoft fonts, this feature is useless as all lowercase letters become superscripts. Ornaments: ornm A convenient way to access dingbats or enclosed alphanumerics.

      Type , a-z, or A-Z, to access a wide range of symbols. Numerators: numr : Superscripts for use with the fractions feature. Also includes A-Z, a-z for use with ordinals and a wide range of accented superscripts in some fonts. Petite Capitals: pcap smaller capital letters designed to match the x-height of the font, and similar in stroke weight and advance width to the lowercase glyphs.

      If well designed, enabling or disabling this feature for lowercase text should make only a little difference to spacing or line-breaks. Petite Capitals From Capitals: c2pc Uppercase letters will also be replaced with Petite Capitals if this feature is used. Proportional Figures: pnum Proportional figures for fonts with monospaced default figures.

      They may be lining figures aligning with capitals or OldStyle aligning with x-height. Slashed Zero: zero Figure zero with slash to make it easier to distinguish from the Capital O. Small Capitals From Capitals: c2sc Uppercase letters will also be replaced with Small Capitals if this feature is used. Standard Ligatures: liga These should be enabled by default. The Alphabetic Presentation Forms of ff, fi, fl, ffi, ffl are supplemented by other pairs like ffr, ky or tt, where adjacent letters clash.

      My fonts use a contextual substitution, so only the first capital letter of a word is substituted. Subscript: subs Subscript digits or lowercase a-z aligned on the baseline for use with the fractions feature. Superscript: sups Superscript digits and letters. The same glyphs are used by the ordinals and fractions feature, and by subscripts. Swash: swsh Replaces glyphs with alternative swash forms.

      If the feature is enabled, all supported glyphs are substituted with swash variant forms. They are coloured if applications support coloured fonts e. Firefox or Vivaldi. Tabular Figures: tnum Fixed width figures for fonts with proportional default figures. Terminal Forms: fina Greek sigma has a terminal form for use at the end of words. Titling: titl Lighter, and more generously spaced, capital letters designed for use at large point sizes — say, 36 point or larger.

      My fonts now use glyph positioning to increase spacing for capitals.

      Black Chancery Font Download Windows Monaco Font Windows 7

      My fonts use the Private Use area for these extra glyphs. If your favourite application does not support OpenType features, the extra glyphs can be inserted by using the Windows Character Map or BabelMap but be aware that if you change the font later, the Private Use area glyphs may not exist in other fonts, or the code-points may be used by different glyphs. Stacking fractions save space when typesetting measurements. Enable kerning for the best results. Enable the OpenType Alternative Fractions feature, and type, e.

      Character map

      Insert a zero-width space after whole numbers to prevent them being treated as part of the numerator. PagePlus Keyboard for Windows. PagePlus has a customisable keyboard, but lacks the option to assign individual characters to shortcuts, unless they already appear on the menus. Full list of shortcuts. To install a keyboard — extract the files in the archive to any convenient location, then double-click on the installation program to install the keyboard.

      The PagePlus keyboard package includes the source file so you can modify it as you wish using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator. After installation, you can select the keyboard in Control Panel, Languages and Keyboard Options, Add other languages, Details, where you can select the keyboard from the drop down list.

      How to use fonts in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more

      That makes the keyboard available — to activate it, click on the icon in the system tray and select it from the list. To uninstall the keyboard use Add or Remove programs from Windows Control Panel or run the installation setup program again. It has the widest range of shortcuts and is easier to use for typing English.

      Any keyboard shortcuts that you assign in PagePlus or other programs will override my assignments. If you have any feedback on the keyboards or fonts, send me an email. Latest Updates 17 July, Acariya is derived from Guru. Use the same glyphs as the superscripts Discretionary Ligatures: dlig These are primarily intended for decorative use or to recreate the appearance of historical documents.

      FAQ Are these fonts copyright? Although they are free, they are subject to copyright under the GNU License.