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Need to quickly return to the top of an app, web page, or document, on your iPhone or iPad? This trick is for you!

iPhone X Tips - Quick-Scroll to the Top of the Screen

The next time you have scrolled far down on a web page in Safari, at the bottom of a Contacts list, deep down in Mail, or just buried down the screen of any other iOS app, you can use a neat tap trick to instantly return to the very top and scroll to the beginning again, without having to swipe a bunch. This is an extremely handy navigation tip that works great on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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The trick? Open Safari to a long webpage, then scroll down on a webpage or document, then, when you are ready to immediately jump to the beginning of the web page or document, just tap right near the very top of the display at the middle of the screen. Yes, tapping right near the very top of the iPhone or iPad display will then cause the active app, document, web page, email, or otherwise, to instantly scroll to the very top again. The scrolling happens super fast and is animated, kind of like rewinding.

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And yes it works on the notch screen models where the clock is to the side, just be sure you tap at the top near the middle of the screen anyway or in the notch. The feature works the same on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is supported by all Apple apps and most third party iOS apps too.

The version of iOS should not matter either, as the feature appears to be supported in virtually every iOS release that is going to be in use out there. There are some other swipe and scrolling gestures and tricks that are available in iOS too, like using a sideways swipe gesture to go back or forward in iOS apps.

macos - Are there keyboard shortcuts to scroll to the top and bottom of a document? - Super User

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Enter your email address below:. Thankyou for that one. And I was cursing apple every time I had to scroll back up to the search field especially in contacts.

Quick tip: How to scroll to the top on iPhone X

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