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It lacks most of the story features found in its more modern predecessors, but that's not a bad thing.

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You can tell that quite a bit of work went into making sure every aspect of the game was right, even with the technical limitations of the time. While the game might slow down due to the heavy amount of action going on on the screen, there's nothing slow about the game itself. Every play feels real, and the crowd's reactions to every shot feels authentic.

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That does not, however, mean the game is a perfect download. This is definitely a game that was optimized for console play, and it shows on PC.


Unfortunately, this also means that a lot of the cooler features - including the updating rosters - aren't going to work for you when you don't play on the original platforms. This means you'll be stuck with the original rosters and the original modes. That doesn't make this a bad choice, but it does mean you won't be getting the entirety of the original experience.

This is a great game to try if you just want to play a bit of video-game basketball. Don't expect the polish of later entries, and certainly make sure you allow yourself to chuckle at the hopelessly outdated rosters.

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Still, this is probably a game that even an older computer can handle, one that's well worth checking out if you are a fan of basketball. Sports Arena is an improved version of gymnastics simulator with new animations, interactions and controls! So, what's the breakdown? Thanks and best regards!!! Related Games you might like to see : Just Dance Mod.

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