Create recovery partition mac os x

Click OK.

Recreate macOS' HD Recovery Partition

You may select an external disk if you have one. This way you will have to connect the disk to your Mac everytime you run Disk Recovery Assistant. Once you clicked OK , you will be prompted to check the drives in case of errors, before the script creates the partition. Click Continue. Show Comments. Close Search Search Hongkiat. When the Mac has completed its startup, you should see a window similar this one: Click on Disk Utility and then click the Continue button.

Getting Things Ready

Typically the hard drive is named Macintosh HD but yours could have a different name. Click the Erase button and follow the prompts to erase the hard drive.

How to Create a Mac OS X USB Boot Drive in Recovery Mode

You will be warned that everything will be removed from the hard drive and that this is permanent. Select your Wi-Fi menu and, if needed, enter the password needed to connect to this wireless network. If there is any change in the hardware configuration of the system, users would be required to reinstall their drivers, which might complicate the recovery process if it's being carried out through a disk.

How to Delete (or Repair) Your Mac's Recovery Partition

If there are certain software programs that require product keys, they would require manual installation if the recovery is being carried out through a disc, and therefore it is advisable to create recovery partition within the system itself. However, it is important to note that if there is a scenario where the hard drive is damaged, broken, or corrupted, recovering data through the partition might prove to be difficult.

The steps are as follows: To create recovery drive, use the recovery drive creation tool that can be accessed by pressing Start key. Once the Recovery Media Creator appears on your desktop, you will know if the operating system comes with a recovery partition. If it is present, copy it to the recovery drive. This might enable you to save space close to 3.

How do I create a Recovery HD volume on my backup disk?

However, if it's not present, you can create it. You can now create recovery partition on your system. Also, if there is a USB connected to your system, it might show up in the options. However, you must click on the disk to create recovery partition. Click on Create.

Deleting the Recovery Partition

Click on Finish, and you have your recovery partition on the hard disk. Here are the steps: Start the Recovery Partition Script.

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Using Time Machine, one can create a backup. This is a necessary precaution while the script prompts you with the OS X version being put to use.

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  8. Click OK again. You can connect an external disk, but that would mean having to connect the disk each time Disk Recovery Assistant is used.

    After clicking on OK, you'll be prompted to check the drives for errors before the partition is created by the script. The process takes a while, but once the process is complete, it allows us to repair disks with the Disk Recovery Assistant, and not Internet Recovery which is a tedious process.

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