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While you can search by keyword and filter by element type photo, illustration, icon, shape, etc. Canva has the most flexible pricing of all of the infographic resume tools on this list. Instead of paying a monthly fee, you pay only for the premium elements you use. Visme offers fewer resume templates and fewer design elements than Canva.

All images, illustrations, and icons are sorted into easy-to-understand categories and subcategories. As far as costs go, Visme only really makes sense if you plan on making multiple resumes over time or multiple infographics resume format or otherwise. It is possible to create and download a resume for free using the tool, but your options are limited. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can create an interactive infographic resume instantly using Vizualize.

The system pulls your LinkedIn profile data and uses it to build a web-based infographic that highlights your experience, education, skills, recommendations, and more. This offers both a visual overview of your experience and detailed descriptions. As shown in the image above, the template displays your career history on a timeline—hover over any of the entries, and a text bubble will show more detailed info on your job responsibilities. The tool is best used for creating a resume to share on your website, over social media, or via email—with the print option as a handy backup.

We're leaving it in this post because it's one of the more attractive and affordable visual resume builders, but just be aware it may take a while to get into the site. At the most basic, video resumes are just video selfies. No custom app needed. But a great video resume app can make your footage much more impactful. These tools include special features like teleprompters and design tools that make your video resume simpler to record, more professional looking, and easier to share.

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Upload your finished video resume, then use Biteable to add music, title and end screens, and text. The premium plan even allows you to add clips of other videos you created. Or upgrade to a premium plan to download the video and remove the Biteable watermark. Simply type in what you want to say, adjust the text size and scroll speed to match your speaking cadence, and record your video resume within the app as many times as needed to get it just right.

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CV One is free to use, but it comes with a downside. Your video will display and play on a CV One page alongside of a print copy of your resume—which you can either upload or type online in the app. EasyPrompter is a free, online teleprompter tool that lets you create a script, add visual indicators for places where you need to pause, and adjust the scrolling speed. Place the computer window containing EasyPrompter near your webcam, and record your video resume while reciting your script. For some roles and industries, a creative resume makes you stand out.

For others, an infographic or video resume could come across as unprofessional. Don't resort to a plain document, though. These tools will help you build a basic—but uniquely styled—resume. Take advantage of preset layouts widths, fonts, colors, and icons so you can focus more on the content than the design.

The Best Resume Maker in Features, Guide & Samples/Examples

While most basic resume builders force you to choose a single template that dictates the style and design of your entire resume, CakeResume provides more flexibility. It's like building a layered cake. Add portfolio images and links, or opt for a text-only resume. Customize your resume, then download, share, or print it to apply for your next gig. Uptowork 's interface walks you through all sections that could appear in a resume, providing tips on what to include in each. The tool adapts the information you include to fit the within the template.

VisualCV lets you upload an existing resume instead of cutting and pasting text into the system. It automatically parses the text and adds what it finds to its resume template. For example, as a writer, most potential employers care more about my writing samples than my professional experience. The same is true for designers, developers, artists, and any other profession where proof of talent trumps credentials.

In these cases, an interactive resume is often the best choice—and a blog or website might be all you need. Interactive resumes live online and let you include images, links, and videos to highlight your best work. Here are some ideas to get started. Adobe Spark is a free tool that lets you build a single-page interactive resume.

If you want to build your own branded website, WordPress is the tool to use.

Which Is the Easiest Resume Building Option?

But building a website resume using WordPress is no small task. Even with a theme, expect a learning curve—especially if you have no coding experience. However, taking the time to learn WordPress is well worth it if you need an interactive way to highlight your experience and build your personal brand. Between WordPress themes and plugins, the options for what you can do with your resume website are really unlimited. Instead of having to do the work of finding a domain, hosting service, and theme, Wix handles all of it.

Not all the services we tested look toward the future while also providing enough tools to customize a traditional document. For inspiration the site includes examples of what users can learn to do with the application.

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And, with over 40 templates, twice as many as LiveCareer, you get more to choose from. We like to get hands on with the products and services we test, and with software, this means we subscribe, download, research and use each of the programs that we review. Pay attention when you subscribe, though, because most services offer several different plans — and some plans limit the features or number of resumes you can create. Make sure to find a selection that works for your job search. We read dozens of articles and researched the current industry standard in resume writing software before we selected which programs to test.

Then we downloaded or subscribed to the ones we selected. Most of the current software is web-based, but there are few downloadable programs that have enough features and support to be worth mentioning. In each program we created a resume and then tested the available features. We evaluated how intuitive the input options and wizard the tool that you use to input your data were in each program.

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We also looked for programs that offer additional support beyond simple resume creation. Resume software that connect with popular job search engines or give tips about acing your interview ranked higher in our comparison. We looked for import and export options that allow you to easily transfer your completed work to new systems and give you flexibility to use the information from older resumes to create new ones.

In a word, yes. Based on our experience with the sites and services we tested, it's helpful to have the task of creating a resume broken up into more manageable chunks. Many of the programs that we used have wizards that provide helpful tips or guidance on each section. It's also convenient to be able to save personal information, like your address and home phone number, to be used over and over again as you customize resumes for different job applications.

Overall, because resume writing is such a common experience, we think its hard to go wrong with these programs. They are also inexpensive enough that its worth a try. Best organizer software keep your life on schedule. The Best Screenwriting Software of Resume Maker Professional Ultimate Review.

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Zety Review. This means it matters which words you use to express your interests and experience. A recent survey shows that nearly 25 percent of Americans plan to look for a new job in Keep It Short, but Not Too Short: A recent study by ResumeGo shows that recruiters are twice as likely to prefer a two-page resume than a single-page resume. Be as thorough as possible. Start Strong: The top third of your resume is the most important real estate.

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Use it to make an impression and to give the hiring manager the most important information.