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There is so much more about Commander One that can simplify your work routine: We are happy to help. Your feedback is welcome and will be taken into account for next releases. Lots of other minor fixes and improvements thank you guys for your continued feedback! It is great for moving files from on location to another easily without wasting the time of playing with stacked or side by side finder windows. Unfortunately, it would have been better if the devs kept the shortcuts the same as finder. Hello, thank you for the feedback.

As for hotkeys, you can assign your own for certain actions. You should disable the functionality of Function keys so that you could map specific keyboard shortcuts to F-Keys. Avoid this company. I bought other software from this company, and found it doesn't work as advertised.

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Unfortunately they don't offer a trial version of this "pro" features. You MUST buy a license to even try them out. Some features are extremely buggy. The company claims to have a money back guarantee, but I found this to be a false claim.

Double Commander

I sent them screen capture videos demonstrating the bugs and shortcomings of the software. Basically, it does not work as advertised. I recommend avoiding purchasing or even using this company's software. Late last year their software was found to be bundles with malware. Just do a google search. You can use Finder, of course, and I do like Finder and its preview feature.

Advanced search with RegExp support

Also the the embedded image editor is very useful. However for shuffling files Finder is terrible. To move one file from one directory to another, you must open two windows. Or you must open tabs. Selecting files is terrible. Or you select many files and want to move them to the directory on the very bottom of the current screen.

Good luck with that. Another handy sidebar feature is the drop stack. It makes bulk operations super easy. Click on the bullseye icon at the top of the sidebar to reveal this section. Drag and drop files from various locations onto the drop stack and then you can move, copy, or compress those files all at once. Drag and drop folders to this bar to create bookmarks to them. Click on the name of one of the default modules to bring up the entire list of modules see screenshot below.

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Next up is the dual-pane view. Probably not.

ForkLift 3 - most advanced file manager and FTP client for macOS

Of course, it has those extra features that make it more versatile than Finder. One example is the option to edit a text file from its preview in the column view. ForkLift allows you to create presets for batch renaming files , which is another big plus. Also, you can toggle file visibility, track queued file operations, compare files, and more right from the toolbar. As in Finder, you can customize the toolbar to add buttons for more functions, including those specific to ForkLift.

The best OSX file manager - Wojciech Adam Koszek

The app comes with an in-built app mechanism to remove the last traces of any app you uninstall. If you drag the app icon onto Trash for deletion, Finder does the job instead of ForkLift. With Forklift, you can browse both local and remote archives as regular folders. Look for the ForkLift Mini icon in the menu bar. It lets you mount your favorite remote servers as local drives for easy access. You can sync folders, bookmark locations, save custom layouts, commit changes to Git, set rules for transfers, and do a whole lot more.

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  6. This bit in the ForkLift user manual tells you how to set the app as the default file viewer. Finder has a lot going for it, and Apple adds more useful features to it with each update.