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Unsatisfied with the built-in highlight colors? I went through all of the available accent colors and screenshotted each in Light and Dark mode. For instance, I wish there were a way to have macOS automatically match the accent color based on the colors found in the desktop background, like Windows Better yet, why not have the accent color automatically color-match the wallpaper?

Got stuck? How to adjust the accent color on your Mac Christian Zibreg on June 18, 0. Use it to tint menus, buttons, focus fields and more.

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Follow along for the tutorial steps. About thirty years later in Apple debuts Mac OS 7 which ships with a colorized interface. What is accent color? The default accent and highlight color is blue. What is highlight color? From the Appearance and Highlight Color pop-up menus, choose your color variations.

Highlight Colour Change & Dock+Menu Colour Change (MAC)

The Appearance pop-up menu defines the colors that normally show up on windows, buttons, and so on. The Highlight Color pop-up menu defines the color of items that you select. From the Sidebar Icon Size pop-up menu, choose the size of icons in the Sidebar of the Finder window. These changes will be seen only in applications that support these features.

How to Change the Selection Highlight Color in Mac OS X

Choose from these three:. Automatically Based on Mouse or Trackpad reveals scroll bars only when the window is smaller than its contents. Always puts right side and bottom scroll bars on your windows whether you need them or not. Jump to the Next Page moves your document up or down one page when you click above or below the scroller in the scroll bar.

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