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All new edition charts by SHOA are in accordance with this publication. Mas informacion sobre las horas de las predicciones entregadas. Tides Predictions To know the tide at a certain date: More about the time of the forecast on all the information is conveyed. Descargas Gratuitas Publicaciones: Free Downloads Publications: Oceanographic publications, hydrographic publications and others.

Cartas en colores con olas de 5 metros y mas. Se recomienda descargar este archivo y trabajar desde su PC. Altura en metros. Color maps with waves of 5 meters or more. Color maps with wave forecast for the Drake Passage. Also loop file and slideshow loop. Save this file as a simple version designed for mariners and internet users with low bandwidth access. Antarctic Penninsula: Strait of Magellan: Its objectives are: It is not only for users to update their nautical charts and publications, but also for mariners to assist their navigation.

To view the Notices, you need to download: The Notices to Mariners offered on this website are for reference only. For details, please see the paper edition of Chinese Notices to Mariners. Numerical Wave Analysis at 8h Northwest Pacific: Hazardous conditions can occur outside of the cone. The positions on the chart are referred to the WGS84 Datum. The depths are in metres and reduced to the Chart Datum, which is approximately the Lowest Astronomical Tide.

Hart Island, hegoxufabuhy.tk SSE of, New York Current (15d) Predictions

Red to Port, Green to Starboard. Real Time Tide In the interest of quick delivery of information, all real-time tide data in the website have not been subjected to quality control. They are provided by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as a service to the public and may be used for informational purpose only. Index Map: These predictions will deviate from the actual conditions in the field since temporal and localised meteorological effects and non-tidal flow variations could not be taken into account.

According to the comparison of the predicted data with the actual field observed data, the average difference in current peak magnitude ranges from 0. Not to be used for navigation. Marine Traffic Control Vessel Traffic Services are provided to vessels visiting Hong Kong to ensure their safety and to facilitate their arrival and departure as expeditiously as possible. Also global plan of typhoon shelters and sheltered anchorages. Hong Kong Observatory Hong Kong Weather Services for Shipping The main purpose of this publication is to provide under one cover information on the weather services provided by the Hong Kong Observatory for mariners at sea and in the harbour of Hong Kong.

Target readers include crew of ocean-going ships, operators of ship companies, and professionals and other members of the public engaged in offshore and onshore marine activities. Tropical Cyclone Track Information Only tropical cyclones centred within the area bounded by N and E will be shown on this website. Tides in Hong Kong are mixed and mainly semi-diurnal.

On most of the days in a month, there are two high tides and two low tides. As the predicted times and heights of the high and low tides are derived for average meteorological conditions, the observed tides may differ from those predicted when the actual meteorological conditions deviate from the mean. The real-time tide data are provided as a service to the public and may be used for informational purpose only. Map with Actual Tidal Height: Astronomical Data Astronomical data like: International Time Zone World map with international time zone and time. The time displays in this page are obtained from your computer clock.

Space weather alerts in force Space weather alerts in force: It aims at providing the latest news and development of weather services for the marine community. Caribbean sea: UTC Also online catalogue of charts and pulications. Navigational publications extract Extract of navigational publications. Data published in this e-Service is unofficial and informative, and is not intended for navigational use. Information published on the web pages of Radio Navigational Warnings e-Service shall not be considered as official information for the safety of navigation!

Access to Radio Navigational Warnings is available only to registered users logged on with their user name and password. Contains information for keeping up-to-date Croatian charts and nautical publications for Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea and Maltese Islands. Access to NtM is available only to registered users logged on with their user name and password. Also maps of coast stations. With the new digital guide, navigators can familiarise themselves in advance about e. The online edition is maintained and updated on a regular basis.

Den danske Havnelods websted "Den danske Havnelods" indeholder opdaterede oplysninger om danske havne og 33 danske broer. For hver havn er der en tekst med oplysninger, havneplaner og foto s. Havnenes faciliteter er vist med piktogrammer. Oplysningerne om broerne indeholder tekst og foto s. Den danske Lods - Generelle oplysninger "Den danske Lods - Generelle oplysninger" indeholder informationer af almen interesse for sejlads i danske farvande. It is generally difficult to navigate near Greenland for mariners who are not familiar with the conditions.

Mariners intending to navigate in the waters surrounding Greenland can use the portal to obtain an overview of the websites of relevant authorities and institutions that provide information about safe navigation in these waters. Table of contents: This book is divided into 11 regional descriptions from south to north, each of which is divided into three sub-sections: The new charts use new Greenlandic orthography as opposed to the older charts as well as some publications that use old Greenlandic orthography.

Behind the nautical chart - Surveying, reliability and use Behind the Nautical Chart is a tool for understanding the surveying, reliability and use of nautical charts. The improved accuracy of satellite systems and the increased use of electronic navigational charts have led navigators to expect much more from their nautical charts than the charts are generally able to live up to.

Rettelser til nautiske publikationer: For yderligere rettelser herunder midlertidige henvises til EfS. This is why the Danish Geodata Agency recommends that nautical charts and publications are kept up to date and that the latest editions are used. The route is named "Route T". Publikationer - Maritim sundhed Maritim sundhed: DMA publications about maritime health Publications about maritime health: Medecine chest, User guidelines, Hypothermia, Heat exhaustion By the FCOO. The chart shows current Notices to Mariners EfS for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, Defence shootings in the shooting areas plotted in the chart, as well as Danish navigational warnings.

Click the chart for further details. Nautisk information: EfS A: Transmission of meteorological notices - Charts and publications and their maintenance Nautical information: Details and List. Detaljer og Liste. For download af: For download: Ice extent and ice drift in the Arctic Ocean Monitoring of ice extent and sea ice motion in the Arctic is an important research and development task, both from climate and human activities perspectives.

Ice situation in Danish waters. The Ice Service produces overview charts as well as more detailed regional ice charts: Koden er beskrevet i figurerne nedenfor. Marine Forecast: Information for Mariners Maps Marine Forecast shows current meteorological forecast wind, waves , oceanographic forecast current and measurements sea level. Tide tables for Danmark, Grennland and Faroe The tide tables list the times for high and low water and the corresponding high and low tidal water heights.

Tidal heights should be added to the depth shown in the chart to obtain the water depths at high and low tide. Hora local y altura en metros. Aviso mensuales a los navegantes Aviso mensuales a los navegantes para el Ecaudor. Aviso diario a los navegantes Aviso diario a los navegantes para el Ecaudor. Aviso a los navegantes: Time Constraints Circular No. The new Suez Canal Rules of Navigation: AtN database. Sailing Directions for Estonian Waters Unlike earlier Sailing Directions which contained long descriptive texts, the new Sailing Directions comprise all navigational information in tables, making it easier for the user to find the relevant details.

Sailing Directions will be published digitally in four parts that correspond to geographical regions, and the publication can be downloaded free of charge. The sheets should be printed out in A4 format. Gulf of Riga: International Maritime Conventions Conventions the republic of estonia has acceded. For example: Also PDF draft version of the English-Estonian maritime dictionary with new words that the Maritime Council has found matches after the dictionary has been published. The application works on all platforms, allowing GPS positioning, making queries of data objects, using measuring and drawing tools and sending feedback on the application to Estonian Maritime Administration.

Estonian Maritime Administration recommends not to use the Web application as primary tool for navigation, because its operation depends on availability of the data communication!. Information fors Winter Navigation Information for winter navigation with procedure for icebreaking, traffic restrictions Local navigational warnings for Estonia Navigatsioonihoiatused List of navigational warnings with map by the Estonian Maritime Administration.

In the monthly editions of Notices to Mariners, the Estonian Maritime Administration publishes corrections to navigational charts, List of Lights and Sailing Directions issued by the Administration. Finnish sea-chart portfolio Tarficom, the Finish Transport and Communications Agency publishes printed and electronic marine charts from the Finnish sea and lake area.

In the product list you will find up-to-date and currently valid charts of marine charts. Finnish List of Lights The publication is divided into sections in order to facilitate both usage and updating. General information is found in a separate publication. The tables of lights are separated into different publications for coastal areas and inland waterways. The Saimaa area is included as a part of the Vuoksi watercourse in the publication for inland waterways.

Please note that only local languages Finnish and Swedish are used for descriptions in the tables. Please, refer to the General information for brief explanations in English. Search lighthouses: Hae loistotietoja: Turku Radio also ensures distress radio communications in the Finnish territorial waters and assists icebreakers by transmitting vessel and route information. Brodasting times in English , Swedish and Finnish. Detailed information about the services provided in the area as well as the information required in the reports can be found in the GOFREP Master's Guide.

Vessel Traffic Service: Vessels of 24 metres in length overall or more are obliged to participate in the vessel traffic services. When navigating in the VTS area, vessels are required to maintain a continuous listening watch on the working channel used in the area. More detailed instructions about the required reports and working channels can be found in the regional VTS guides. Vessels navigating in the VTS area, which are not obliged to participate in the vessel traffic services, are recommended to maintain a listening watch on the working channel in the VTS area or sector in question.

Vessel traffic services are provided as required in Finnish, Swedish and English. Master's Guide: The severity of the awareness level is shown on the map by means of a three-colour code system: Weather warning map for land and sea areas FMI Baltic sea: The instruction includes draught concepts associated with channels, the principles for interpreting these concepts, estimating the required gross underkeel clearance and for indicating channel depths in nautical charts. Fairway terminology These instructions by the Finnish Transport Agency include descriptions of the essential fairway terminology used in Finland.

A channel is a continuous water route between two end points. It is marked at sea and presented on a chart. The fairway space is a space intended for waterborne traffic delimited by the channel edge lines, the safe clearance depth and the available headroom. Begrepp med anknytning till farlederna Trafikverket publicerar bifogat beskrivningar av de viktigaste begreppen med anknytning till farlederna. The Finnish Transport Agency has laid down the following instructions for winter navigation in collaboration with the industry, shipping companies and charterers.

Ohjeita talvimerenkulun toimijoille. Suomen talvimerenkulku Ohjeita talvimerenkulun toimijoille. Fairway cards Fairway cards contain information on fairways and ports and are intended for seafarers. They form a complement to the nautical charts and publications issued by the Finnish Transport Agency. The fairway cards cover the channels to all ports which are kept open in winter, i. A fairway card contains facts about the fairway dimensions, navigability and navigational conditions, traffic recommendations and restrictions and traffic services provided.

Drawings of the fairway and the harbour are appended. The drawings are not intended for navigational use. They outline the channel alignment and buoyage, the fairway area, safe clearance depths, berths and other places which the text refers to. Fairway cards in Finnish. This is instructions for leisure boating in the Saimaa Canal. Nautical chart when the display scale is about 1: Tiedonantoja merenkulkijoille: Notices to Mariners contains safety-related information for mariners and corrections to the latest editions of the charts. Also simplified ice chart and reference charts.

The ice chart of the whole Baltic Sea pdf is published in the autumn twice a week Monday and Thursday and daily when the amount of ice increases until until ice break-up in spring. It represents current ice situation, ice breaker positions and traffic restrictions in the Baltic Sea. The simplified charts are updated once a week at the latest on Tuesday morning. The first one represents measured level ice thicknesses, ice coverage and sea surface temperature.

Baltic sea: Ice Drifters Ice drift patterns from Baltic ice drifters for the past 48 hours. Drift ice is carried along by winds and sea currents. It affects the security of navigation. Prototype sea ice products: RIO is given for three polar classes PC: Estimates are given for three RIO classes: The freeboard is the difference between water and ice surfaces.

Please note that this is a prototype product, and should always be used with complementary ice information. Arctic Mediterranean: Operations permitted - Yellow: Operations permitted with restrictions Red: Operations not permitted Kara and Barents sea: Go - Yellow: Go with restrictions - Red: No go Sea ice forecasts for the Kara Sea Forecasts for 48 hours and 9 days in the future. Following parameters are displayed: Sea ice concentration and sea surface temperature - Sea ice thickness - Sea surface salinity.

Please note that this is a prototype product and should always be used with complementary ice information! Space weather The term space weather refers to phenomena caused by solar wind and solar flares in the near-Earth space and the upper part of the Earth's atmosphere. The map shows the locations of observation stations and the latest observations made by them for earth's magnetic field. If the latest measured variation in the magnetic field exceeds the threshold level for auroras, the spot over the location of the station is red.

Those situations are usually occured with disturbed space weather conditions and can be important for GPS, radio communications and spacecraft operations. Time in the wave forecast is local Finnish time. Weather warnings for Northern Baltic Sea The weather warnings usually cover the next 24 hours. This site gathers information and instructions from icebreaking authorities from all the Baltic Sea countries. Online situation map: A Finnish ice class is confirmed for all ships calling to Finnish ports. The fairway dues paid by the vessel and the availability of icebreaker escort are determined based on the Finnish ice class.

Guidelines for the application of the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules The purpose of these Guidelines is to provide classification societies, ship designers and shipyards with background information on the ideas behind the Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules FSICR , to provide a harmonised interpretation for the implementation of certain parts of the rules, and to provide guidance on certain aspects of the winterisation of ships, which are not covered by the rules.

Liste des catalogues disponibles. Pour en savoir plus sur les pavillons et sur les symboles vexillologiques. Fascicule 1: Fascicule 2: Chapters detail tidal theory, tide gauges measurements, techniques of tidal signal treatment. The book provides also an overview of some applications like barotropic tidal current. Pour afficher les courants: Le principe de base est le suivant: Website in French and English with: For the chart select: Fascicules de corrections au Instructions Nautiques Des fascicules de corrections regroupent les corrections survenues depuis la sortie de l'ouvrage.

Services disponibles: Pour en savoir plus. Informations nautiques Manche et mer du nord Manche et mer du nord Cherbourg: Avis urgents aux navigateurs Manche et mer du nord Cherbourg: Avis aux navigateurs Manche et mer du nord Cherbourg: Avis rade Informations nautiques Atlantique Atlantique Brest: Avis urgents aux navigateurs Atlantique Brest: Avis aux navigateurs Atlantique Brest: Avis et avis urgents aux navigateurs Antilles Fort-de-France: Avis et avis urgents aux navigateurs Guyane Cayenne: Fons et M.

Le Stum, ENM, Joly, ENM, Manach, ENM, Met Mar: Disponible en mode entrainement et en mode examen blanc. Affectation des voies VHF dans le service mobile maritime Tableau avec: Tableau contenant: Par B. Adam Effets de la foudre et principe des protections. Aussi il convient donc de recenser la nature de ces perturbations et d'estimer leur impact. Par M. Abedrabou Par X. Kergadallan Les informations disponibles sur ce site sont: Navires de plaisance - 5: Equipements marins et cargaisons - 7: La VHF: Guides Pratiques form'actuel Guides-Pratiques.

Livre de feux: Pour chaque port, sont disponibles: Les premiers secours Sommaire: Sortie en pdf pour chaque mois. Die Listenansicht, Die Kartenansicht. Eiskarten beschreiben die Eislage in grafischer Form. Wasserstandsvorhersage Die aktuellen Wasserstandsvorhersagen sowie Hoch- und Niedrigwasserwarnungen finden Sie unter: Wasserstandsvorhersage Nordsee - Wasserstandsvorhersage Ostsee.

Vorhersagen bis zu 24 Stunden im Voraus. Overview of the German navigational information service Summary: Navigational Warning and Information Service of the Federal Republic of Germany - Nautical Publications according to the Schiffs-sicherheitsverordnung Ordinance for the Safety of Seagoing Ships - Ordinance on the requirements for vessels entering the internal waters of the Federal Republic of Germany from sea areas seaward of the delimitation of the German territorial sea and for vessels leaving such internal waters - Special hint and information for seafarers NfS Teil 4 — Mitteilungen: Er kann ebenfalls extra heruntergeladen werden.

Different areas North and Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic at several forecast times are selectable. From the Celtic Sea to the North Sea: Height in meters Radio Broadcast for shipping: Weather maps are transmitted via shortwave too. Broadcastings are done by the weather radio transmitter in Pinneberg about 20 km north-west of Hamburg. Texts in radio teletype F1B and weather maps facsimile F1C can be received in long- and short- wave range on specified frequencies around the clock.

Die Funkausstrahlung des Wetterfunksenders in Pinneberg ca. Sea ice maps for Arctic and Antarctic meereisportal. Information on these parameters is gained from satellite observations and is presented here as daily maps of sea ice concentrations and time series of sea ice extent and area Meereisportal. Ice maps for the Arctic regions: Arctic, Svalbard, Northeast Passage and Northwest passage. Ice maps for the Antarctic regions: Current sea ice concentration in the Arctic and Antarctic meereisportal.

It is published every two months. Diese werden weltweit auf gleicher Frequenz zu verschiedenen Sendezeiten verbreitet. Es werden auch Seewettervorhersagen, Seenotmeldungen und im Winter Eisberichte ausgestrahlt. These are published on the same frequency at different transmission times worldwide. There are also weather forecasts, distress messages and in winter ice reports broadcast. Navtex broadcasts for coastal areas. Please note that no vector data are forwarded via the WMS and that it is not suitable for use for navigation purposes.

Hellenic Navwarns There urgent pieces of information for the safety of navigation issued by the Hydrographic Service. Being urgent information, they are not printed and are not distributed as Notice do, but they are transmitted via VHF radiotelephony. Also available: Show Navwarns on the map. Annual Permanent Notices to mariners Annual Permanent notices to mariners provide important information, of permanent nature, about the Hellenic seas and the main routes of navigation.

The edition is annual due to the importance of the information it contains. Beginning with Reykjanes lighthouse and going westward around Iceland. By clicking on a specific location, forecast will be given in a chronological order. For waves the coloured areas stand for wave height in meters, the number stands for average wave period in seconds and the arrows stand for average wave direction. North Atlantic Ocean: Sea Ice around Iceland Sea-ice observations last 30 days: Navtex messages Sea ice density: This service allows the user to search according to criteria like name of the chart, chart number, area, folios, scale etc.

The page also provides a link to the Indian Notices to Mariners. Facility to print the list of selected charts is also available for the users. It is updated fortnightly to ensure access to the latest information. Also list of: Type of information: Emergency contact, Search and rescue, Piracy and armed robbery, Reporting system This chart is to be used for maritime safety and security un conjunction with relevant large scale and other navigation publication as published by different regional Hydrographic Offices.

Scale 1: National Maritime Search and Rescue Manual The aim of this manual is to assist those who are responsible for establishing, managing, supporting and conducting SAR operations to understand the following: And for the purpose of promulgating these radio navigational warnings the world has been divided into twenty one definite geographic sea areas named as NAVAREA.

The Chief Hydrographer to the Govt. It is the fundamental nature of the Navigational Warnings that they will often be based on incomplete or unconfirmed information and mariners will need to take this into account when deciding what reliance to place on the information contained therein.

Select at least the years. Search Indian Notices to Mariners In a way to facilitate the correction of charts this website is meant to assist the mariners to access past and current notices to mariners. General Catalogue of charts and nautical publications This General Catalogue of charts and nautical publications lists all the products published by the Istituto Idrografico della Marina, as well as all the technical data available for sale to private users.

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In compliance with the IHO Technical Resolutions, Contents, General lnformation and Instructions for the updating of charts and nautical publications are in English as well as in Italian. Norme per l'impiego della dotazione nautica Un pratico vademecum sul buon uso della documentazione nautica. Un breve estratto su come utilizzare la documentazione nautica, come aggiornarla, quali sono i limiti e le attenzioni da porre in essere per il loro uso corretto.

Le informazioni contenute non possono essere utilizzate per fini operativi ed in particolare quale ausilio alla navigazione in sostituzione della documentazione nautica ufficiale edita dall Istituto Idrografico della Marina Militare e delle informazioni nautiche emesse dagli Enti competenti HTML. The purpose of these manuals is to provide all relevant information to ensure proper interaction between users and VTS, making effective action to assist and support the shipping of its VTS system.

Questa misura ha il vantaggio di essere molto vicina all'altezza che un osservatore esperto rileva ad occhio nudo dal ponte di una barca. Che tipo di onde posso incontrare in mare? Mar Ligure: Raccoglie appunto tutte le consuetudini marinare riguardo alla corretta esposizione delle bandiere a bordo.

Atlante della correnti superficiali dei mari italiani Atlante con 12 carte mensili delle correnti, 1: This monograph contains twelve monthly chats, outlining surface circulation in the Italian seas with the vector system, while the speed is given in knots. Dinamiche della copertura glaciale artica e rotte di navigazione Studio sulla regione Asrtica.

Aggiornamento delle Pubblicazioni Raccolta riepilogativa delle pubblicazioni soggette ad aggiornamento sistematico. Premessa agli Avvisi ai Naviganti - Avvisi annuali fondamentali - Avvisi di carattere generale emessi negli anni precedenti ed ancora in vigore Avvisi ai Naviganti Gli Avvisi ai Naviganti hanno lo scopo di far conoscere agli utenti tutte le notizie, sia di carattere temporaneo che definitivo, interessanti la sicurezza della navigazione, che ancora non figurano nei documenti nautici ufficiali.

This data will be used for the development of the ENC viewer software and so on. TOPS provides you with the tide prediction heights for a day at a port around the coastal of Japan. The system has nearly ports including 71 standard ports in the tide table published by Japan Coast Guard. The system provides also the tidal current prediction with hourly velocities at three areas in Japan, that is, Tokyo bay, Ise bay and Seto inland sea.

Also chart in the north-east Asian marginal seas by JMA. Traffic Advisory Service Center web sites.

Also view online e-book. Information about Revised Navigation Rules Based on the recent trends of the accidents on the sea and the changes of the environment of the maritime traffic including the dissemination of Automatic Identification System AIS , the Act on Partial Revision of the Act on Port Regulations and the Maritime Traffic Safety Act was promulgated on July to increase the safety of maritime traffic.

The main items of this revision are following: Strengthening measures for assisting the safe navigation of vessels and establishment of new navigation rules according to the features of each sea area. This brochure aims to help all those concerned to fully understand the intention of this revision and observe the new rules. Also correction. In addition, each Regional Maritime Safety Headquarters carries out detailed navigation safety guidance in accordance with the actual conditions in the sea area where it takes charge.

This document contains detailed navigation safety guidance which is promoted in Nagoya-Ko and Kanmon Kaikyo as well as the above by the 3rd and 7th Regional Maritime Safety Headquarters. For the Safety Navigation In Japanese Coastal Waters The sea areas around Japan have been the places where marine casualties occur with great frequency. Approximately 2, vessels including foreign vessels meet with marine casualties as the average in the last 10 years, causing around people found dead or missing.

We wish anyone who undertakes a voyage around Japan will read this book and navigate safely. Weather and sea conditions in sea areas around japan - Navigation law and pilotage - Information for safe navigation - Guide to safe navigation. Navigational Warnings This site provides information which was broadcasted for vessels by radio for: Japan, 2. North Pacific,Sea of Okhotsk, 3. Indian Ocean,Persian Gulf, 5. South Pacific. Addition to the List of Aids to Navigation The vessels be equipped with the "List of Aids to Navigation" based on the law, and also be equipped with the "Addition".

The "Addition Vol. Information about maritime safety information, Notices to mariners, Navigational warnings Japan , Miscellaneous information. Notices to Mariners Printed copies of the Notices to Mariners and chartlets blocks on the JHOD Website may be used as an equivalent to the paper version of the Notices to Mariners and chartlets blocks. It should be noted that the chartlets blocks printed from the website, may not have the same quality and accuracy as the paper version, depending on the quality and condition of the printer and ink used.

JMA hopes that this brochure will promote understanding of the information issued by JMA and thus contribute to safer and more economical navigation. Page in Japanese. For the wave charts: Generally, each wave may happen to be higher than SWH. For the sea of Okhotsk there is also black and white charts with bulletin every tuesday and friday. North-east Asian marginal seas: Reference Marine meteorological observation is indispensable to provide weather information for ships such as marine meteorological forecast or warnings, and is also used for monitoring and study of climate change such as global warming.

It is highly appreciated that ships will cooperate on marine meteorological observations and reports as Voluntary Observing Ships VOSs. Information for yachts and fishing with charts. Small craft charts. Notice to Mariners Notice to Mariners with also chartlets for the corrections charts. Icing Index Map with analysis and forecast for the risk of icing on waters around Korea. Also others catalogues: Map with paper charts: Notices to the Mariners — monthly edition to correct navigational charts and publications; List of Aids to Navigation — list of navigation technical aids in Latvian waters; Pilot of Baltic Sea.

Latvian Coast — manual for seafarers; Symbols and Abbreviations — list of abbreviations used in navigational charts; Catalogue — catalogue of navigation charts and publications. Pilot of Baltic Sea. The Pilot covers all waters that fall under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia: Use a radio receiver. Notices to mariners Shipping regulations in waters of the Republic of Latvia Notices to Mariners are published once per month. Lithuanian List of Lights.

The International Hydrographic Organization recommends starting every calendar year with the Annual Notices to Mariners covering the information due to protection of human life at sea, provision for assistance to vessels in distress, etc. Navigational warnings are temporary and remain in force until cancelled. The first chapter consists of Notices to mariners that have been prepared on a basis of all navigational warnings issued during last quarter. The second chapter consists of Notices to mariners to be used for updating of navigational charts.

This note provides the form of report to be used to notify the DHAN about discovered dangers for shipping and inoperative aids to navigation. To date, a total of 82 charts have been published and the number of publications is increasing from time to time. NHC will continue to publish the charts to determine the country's maritime area covered completely Jpeg files.

PHN telah menerbitkan carta nautika pertama pada tahun Sehingga kini, sejumlah 82 carta telah diterbitkan dan jumlah penerbitan semakin meningkat dari semasa ke semasa. PHN akan terus menerbitkan carta-carta bagi menentukan kawasan maritim Negara diliputi sepenuhnya. Two days forecast with Indian Spring Low Water in centimetere.

MyNTM Online: With this platform users can view, access and analyse the information online at anytime and anywhere. Annual Edition of Notices of Mariners Content of the annual notice: Notices to mariners Notis Pelaut Montly edition. Also available on the Navy website.

Cartas Regionales, Cartas Generales. Carta 1: Alta en Pies. Also in Serbian. Charts of Budva Charts of Budva, scale 1: Contains information for keeping up-to-date nautical charts and nautical publications for Montenegrin coast of Adriatic Sea. This yachting guide does not claim to be a harbour guide or pilotage aid.

This publication offers basic information as well as internet links and addresses for holiday planning Safety Information Navigational warning for the Montenegrin coast. Published in Dutch and English. Interactive chart of the Western Scheldt River Chart only to be used for inland navigation. Coordinate systems at sea For safe navigation at sea, it is important to know your position as well as the positions of obstacles. Positions are expressed in coordinates. Positions at sea are expressed in latitude and longitude, and height or depth with respect to a specified water level.

Coordinates are only meaningful if you know the coordinate system they refer to. These are the so-called coordinate reference systems. Mariners have to know which coordinate reference system to use for positioning. Corrections to nautical publications To support safe navigation, the Hydrographic Service publishes the most important changes to nautical publications.

About Nautical Free

It does so by issuing Notices to Mariners NtMs. The list contains all notices in force per nautical publication. Periodic lists To support safe navigation, the Hydrographic Service publishes the most important changes to nautical products. The weekly editions frequently contain periodical lists: P and T notices Preliminary and Temporary - Mobile offshore drilling units list for Dutch charting area - Measuring instruments list not to fish nor anchor near these positions - Cumulative list NM applicable to the latest editions of the charts - Water depth list most recent water depths in the Wadden Sea area.

Notices to Mariners NtM As a mariner, you need reliable data for safe navigation. Therefore, the Hydrographic Service publishes nautical charts and nautical publications. Since the situation at sea changes continuously, you are required to keep these products up to date.

You can do so by using the Notices to Mariners NtMs. You can select the changes to each nautical chart by week number or chart number. You can also incorporate the changes by means of a weekly PDF downloadable file. Dienst der Hydrografie Catalogus van Nederlandse zeekaarten en andere hydrografische publicaties HP7 Deze catalogus geeft naast de vertrouwde gegevens van diverse zeekaarten en hydrografische publicaties tevens achtergrondinformatie met betrekking tot nieuwe ontwikkelingen op het gebied van met name digitale producten en dienstverlening.

Interactieve kaart van de Schelde. Chart only to be used for inland navigation. Interactieve kaart door de VTS-Scheldt. Op zee zijn dat vaak geografische lengte en breedte, en hoogte of diepte ten opzichte van een vastgestelde waterstand. Getijdengids Informatie over de getijden op zee en algemene getijtheorie: Inleiding getijtafels - Inleiding stroomatlassen.

Met het computerprogramma CNAV 4. Met Decca kunt u posities op zee berekenen aan de hand van Decca lane-informatie. Of andersom. Het programma vereenvoudigd de maritieme grenzen en zones die u op deze site kunt downloaden. Correcties op nautische publicaties Om varen veilig te houden publiceert de Dienst der Hydrografie belangrijke wijzigingen op nautische boekwerken.

De dienst doet dit met Berichten aan Zeevarenden BaZ. Periodieke lijsten Om varen veilig te houden publiceert de Dienst der Hydrografie belangrijke wijzigingen. In de weekedities BaZ verschijnen regelmatig lijsten met wijzigingen per nautische categorie. Op deze pagina vindt u een overzicht met de actuele lijsten: P en T berichten overzicht - Verplaatsbare boorplatforms overzicht - Meetinstrumenten overzicht - Cumulatieve lijst overzicht - Dieptestaat overzicht.

BaZ in kaart gebracht Deze brochure geeft uitleg over Berichten aan Zeevarenden en hoe deze moeten worden verwerkt. In BaZ1 staan algemene onderwerpen die van belang zijn voor schepen varend onder Nederlandse vlag. Berichten aan Zeevarenden BaZ De situatie op zee verandert continu. Boeien worden gelegd en gelicht, zandplaten verschuiven, containers slaan overboord en boorplatforms verhuizen. De Dienst der Hydrografie houdt deze veranderingen bij en publiceert de actuele situatie voor zeevarenden. Dat gebeurt in zogeheten Berichten aan Zeevarenden. Varen doe je samen Knooppuntenboekjes Knooppunten: Een vaarwegknooppunt is een drukke locatie op de vaarweg waar sprake kan zijn van een verkeersonveilige situatie.

Gedetailleerde info per regio en knooppunt: IJskaarten IJsvorming op de vaarweg kan ernstige vertraging veroorzaken voor de scheepvaart. Daarnaast kunnen zogenaamde "ijsdammen" zorgen voor overstromingen. De berichtgeving op deze pagina omvat de ijsberichtgeving voor de binnenwateren. Op de ijskaart van Nederland is de bevaarbaarheid van vaarroutes aangegeven.

De kaart wordt dagelijks ververst zolang er ijs op de binnenwateren ligt en de binnenvaart er mogelijk hinder van ondervindt. Onder de kaart treft u een legenda aan met de verklaring van de in de kaart gebruikte lijnen, kleuren en codes Vaarweginformatie. Ice charts Ice on the waterways can cause serious delays for shipping. In addition, so-called "ice dams" can cause flooding. The notifications on this page relate to ice notifications for the inland waters. The ice chart of the Netherlands shows the navigability of courses of navigation. The chart is updated on a daily basis for as long as there is ice on the inland waters and inland shipping may be affected by it.

The charts are grouped into the regions they cover and basic information such as chart number, title, scale, published and new edition dates is provided. The file is corrected with the most recent Notices to Mariners. It covers the period 1 July to 30 June and provides official information to aid safe navigation in New Zealand waters. Much of the content from the Almanac is available on this website. Find astronomical information, tidal information, light list information, Annual Notices to Mariners, Maritime Contacts, information on reporting maritime hazards.

General information sheet about NZ lights: Also general information. Tides Sea level data, predictions and calculations to help navigate New Zealand tides and tidal streams. The tide predictions on this website are not official tide tables. Introduction to tides: The images provided may not be current and do not replace the New Zealand official nautical charts corrected for NTMs. Select "Paper Chart" then click on "Apply". New Zealand: These data does not replace official Navigational Charts; should not be used for navigation; are not corrected for Notices to Mariners.

For navigation, mariners should use official New Zealand Charts as available from chart retailers. Also view chart by chart. NZMariner can only be used in conjunction with compatible viewing software: Also technical documentation about NZMariner. Astronomical information Astronomical phenomena orbital phenomena of the earth, solar and lunar eclipses, lunar perigee and apogee, phases of the moon , planet visibility, moonrise and moonset tables, sunrise and sunset tables, true bearing of the sun at sunrise and sunset. This information is of vital importance to all vessels at sea.

New Zealand Radio Navigational Warnings Maritime Safety Information is of vital concern to all ships and pertains to navigational and meteorological warnings, meteorological forecast and other urgent safety-related messages broadcast to ships. There are three types of navigational warnings: Changes to Annual Notices are notified through the fortnightly edition of Notices to Mariners.

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  • It is issued quarterly in NZ Notices to Mariners and is updated fortnightly on this website. Maritime New Zealand Safer Boating Guide This booklet gives you essential information for an enjoyable and safe time on the water. Survive in cold water Learn techniques to improve your chances of survival in cold water: Survival techniques for water - How the body reacts to cold.

    Survive a man overboard - Postures for conserving your heat and energy Rules on the water It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules before heading out. Know the rules: Before you cross a bar: Handbook also on page Communications. The handbook provides information about: It also includes two stickers inside: VHF marine channel allocation - Radio distress calling how to.

    Learn about the maritime radio services available to all boaties in New Zealand. Radio Handbook: The importance of sleep - What causes fatigue - Your legal obligations - Strategies for getting enough sleep. Fatigue management for fishing boats Fatigue is a health and safety issue. Most maritime accidents caused by fatigue follow a lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep.

    By better understanding the causes and implementing strategies to manage fatigue, the risk of fatigue-related accidents will reduce. This sector guide is for vessel owners and operators. It contains: It also includes a profile of a hypothetical maritime operator and explains how those involved meet their duties. A guide for mariners. Health and Safety: This is your essential guide to meeting your health and safety obligations.

    It is relevant for everyone working in the maritime sector. Health and safety legislation - 2. Duties, rights and responsibilities - 3. HSWA in action - 4. Applying HSWA duties in the maritime sector - 5. What to do when accidents happen. Many warnings are of a temporary nature, but others may remain in-force for several weeks and may be superseded by Notices to Mariners. The warnings are not always updated in real time. Safety updates Read our updates on safety issues, and related matters.

    MNZ publishes safety updates on a variety of safety issues and proposals relating to these. Sunday, 26 March fishing safety. Kawasan tepi pantai adalah kawasa popular untuk kaki pancing melepaskan gian. Mari ikuti infografik tentang tips-tips keselamatan dibawah. Wednesday, 22 March grouper. Big catch , grouper. Sunday, 19 March Sabah. Nama ini dipilih bagi mengambarkan keganasan dan kesukaran memburu spesis ikan kanai ini.

    Trip di rancang sejak bulan November lagi. Persiapan terperinci di buat bagi memastikan trip ini sukses. Setiap tips and trick memburu spesis dikaji.

    Set up peralatan pancing di naik taraf mengikut kesesuaian. Pada 3 Mac bermula lah pengembaraan kami memburu spesis Sabahan Black Bass dengan penuh harapan. Trip kami di terajui oleh Cip Wahid dan Cip Harilah, fishing guide yang berasal dari Sarawak dan sudah lama bermastautin di Sabah. Kami sangat beruntung di temukan dgn mereka ini. Hari 1 - Kami memulakan perjalanan ke dari Bintulu ke Miri menaiki kereta seawal jam 9 pagi. Sebaik tiba di Miri kami terus ke airport utk mengambil penerbangan ke Kota Kinabalu menggunakan Airasia.

    Segala peralatan memancing dibungkus rapi bagi mengelakkan kerosakan dlm perjalanan. Setelah selesai check-in hotel kami pun begerak ke kedai pancing di kawasan Putatan utk melengkapakan alatan memancing sebelum ke berlepas ke Lahad Datu. Kami kemudian nya singgah di Restoran Taufik untuk pekena Soto Campur yang sangat mantap sekali di Sabah.

    Keenakan nya menghantui diri ini. Setelah selesai semua hajat kami pun balik ke hotel. Amai dengan konfiden nya pergi menonton wayang cerita Logan berseorangan di panggung berhampiran, yang lain semua mengambil masa itu utk rehat. Hari 2 - Kami bangun seawal 4 pagi utk ke airport KK bagi mengejar penerbangan pertama ke Lahad Datu jam 6 pagi itu. Menggunakan 2 buah kereta bagi keselesaan kami. Sebaik selesai memunggah barang ke kereta kami lantas ke Felda Sahabat utk sarapan yang mengambil masa lebih kurang 2 jam dari airport.

    Selesai sarapan kami terus bergegas ke pangkalan Meruap di dalam kawasan Felda. Kami juga di pahamkan terdapat lagi sebuah lagi kumpulan pemancing sudah tiba di Meruap utk memburu BB. Ini bermaksud kami adalah kumpulan yang ke dua sampai. Sebaik tiba di pangkalan kami terus memunggah barang ke dalam 2 buah bot saiz kecil dengan engin 15hp.

    Perjalanan menuju ke Kpg Kuala Meruap mengambil masa 1 jam menggunakan bot. Meredah hutan simpan paya bakau, melalui Pulau Evans. Melimpasi anak-anak sungai yang banyak cabangnya. Perjalanan itu memberi pengalaman baru kepada kami. Kami tiba di rumah Pak Haji Jaman pada tengah hari, rumah Pak Haji Jaman terletak di dalam perkampungan nelayan yang berada di muara sungai. Perkampungan kecil yang rata-rata penduduknya mengharapkan hasil laut sebagai sumber pendapatan.

    Hart Island, 0.3 n.mi. SSE of, New York Current (15d) Predictions

    Belum sempat merehatkan punggung kami terus di kerah utk menyediakan peralatan pancing, kerana aktiviti memancing terus bermula pada ptg itu. Sesi memancing pemanas badan berlarutan sehingga senja. Tiada tangkapan kanai di rekodkan cuma beberapa ekor ikan putih, siakap merah dan baracuda. Makan malam di rumah Pak Haji Jaman sangat menyelerakan. Ikan-ikan dan makanan laut yang segar, malam itu kami dihidangkan dgn udang harimau panggang beserta sambl goreng,Perghhhhh Cakap pun tak guna.

    Penerbangan ke Lahad Datu seawal jam 6 pagi. Tidur dan Atoy berpisah tiada. Sarapan pagi di Felda Sahabat. Perjalanan ke Kuala Meruap. Kawasan sungai yang luas sepanjang perjalanan menaiki bot ke Kuala Meruap. Amai the legendary master sifu. Abun the Mastermind of this project. Persiapan sebelum sesi memancing pemanas badan.

    Zerek Sabre Dance di sambar spesis barracuda yang comel. Atoy bersama tangkapan pertamanya. Siakap merah meruap! Hari 3 - Kami bangun seawal jam 7 pagi dan bergerak selepas sarapan, kami di bahagikan kepada 2 buah bot, 3 org setiap bot termasok tekong. Pemburuan Blackbass bermula dengan membaling gewang ke arah ranggas rebak di sepanjang sungai. Setiap ranggas dipercayai berpenghuni dan berpotensi untuk mendapat strike dari spesis target. Abun pemecah kesunyian apabila berjaya menaikkan Kanai bersaiz 8.

    Perlawanan amat sengit, dikatakan ikan tersebut cuba memecut lari setelah menyentap gewang nya. Dengan set-up rod gawas conquer diganding dgn daiwa tatula HD Custom granslam 50lbs HiSeas 50lbs, amatlah sukar ikan tersebut utk melepaskan diri sehingga ianya menyerah kalah dgn kehebatan Abun. Senyuman 6 inci dari telinga kiri le telinga kanan Abun terpampang kegembiraan diwajahnya.

    Pada sebelah tengah hari keadaan kembali sunyi, tiada tangkapan Kanai cuma ikan-ikan spesis lain berjaya di naikkan. Sebelum senja menjelma, cip wahid berhasrat utk singgah ke salah satu ranggas yang berpotensi dlm perjalanan pulang. Sentapan mantap dari penghuni sungai yang bersaiz kira-kira 3kg melenturkan rod storm monstar nya. Setelah beberapa minit beraksi seekor Kanai berjaya didaratkan. Amai hilang kawalan seketika kerana kegembiraan yang teramat sangat.

    Sejurus selepas itu, Bot sebelah pula beraksi apabila lure Ofmer X-Deep 75 Atoy pula mengena, kali ini tarikan lebih padu. Memuntahkan tali 60lbs di dalam Shimano Salty One nya dan membengkokkan rod Channa Killer ke bawah bot. Namun permainan nya agak singkat, kanai itu menyerah kalah lebih awal kerana aura Atoy yang sangat kuat.

    Paan seorang sahaja yang sunyi dari aksi mendaratkan kanai pada hari tersebut. Mereka pulang ke rumah Pak Haji Jaman dengan hampa. Satu pengalaman yang indah bagi mereka. Kami pun berehat dan bersedia untuk hari terakhir memancing pada keesokan harinya. Semangat memburu kanai dimulakan pada hari ke 3. Kampung Kuala Meruap. Berehat untuk makan setelah seharian casting. Memburu kanai di sungai yang luas sangat mencabar. Lumrah casting pabila sangkut di dahanan pokok. Amai berjaya mendaratkan MJ yang cumel. Thropy Catch! Senyuman puas dari Abun. Hari 4 - Semangat memburu BB diteruskan lagi pada hari Isnin.

    Semangat yang di tunjukan untuk mendaratkan BB semakin kuat dgn harapan setinggi gunung kinabalu. Kami bergerak awal meredah anak-anak sungai kecil. Mengayakan gewang dengan pelbagai cara. Menguji setiap ranggas yang di limpasi, cubaan demi cobaan dibuat, balingan demi balingan dilontarkan.

    Akhirnya sentapan BB mengena pada kail Paan dengan teknik trolling, Gandingan Xzoga dan Ryojin berisi braided Sufix 30lbs langsung tidak memberi peluang pada ikan tersebut, pecutan ke dasar nya memberik impak yang kuat pada kestabilan bot, namun ikan itu juga terpaksa akur dengan Paan. Lure Storm Deep Thunder menjadi taruhan untuk mendaratkan kanai bersaiz 4.

    Pemburuan diperhebatkan lagi sehingga petang, namun tidak semudah yang di impikan. Pencarian kanai kami terhenti setakat jam 4 petang apabila mengejar masa untuk balik ke Lahad Datu sebelum matahari melabuhkan tirainya. Pemburuan hari ke 3 sangat singkat, kami perlu berhenti sebelum jam 4 bagi membolehkan kami ke Lahad Datu sebelum malam.

    Jadi pembueuan hari itu sangat rancak. Zerek Sabre Dance sekali lagi tidak menghampakan. MJ pertama beliau setelah 3 tahun lesen MJ expired belum ada rezeki mahu renew. Terpaksa renew lesen MJ sabah. Barracuda ekor kuning Amai. GT antara spesis yang banyak menghuni sungai-sungai di Meruap.

    Signature catch dari Paan. Blackbass bersaiz 4. Pengembaraan kami berakhir dengan selamat. Kami memohon maaf di atas segala kesilapan. Recommended Set-up bagi memburu Kanai di Meruap: Rod PE atau lbs keatas. Reel max drag 7 kg keatas. Main line 50 lbs keatas. Lure selaman 5 meter. Swivel kekuatan 70 lbs keatas. Fishing guide Meruap: Wahid — Harilah — Special Thanks To. Penduduk Kpg Kuala Meruap.

    LDU Caster Family. Thanks To. All Flamingo Anglers Family. Wardi Sahari - Hero 4. Shahril Ngo - Hero 4. Anai Ariffuddin - Bazooka. Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia.