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Time Machine would be easiest. So it can restore to a smaller drive? I think so, although I've never tried that. It doesn't actually clone a disk as in create an image or exact copy , but you could restore to a new disk as if it is restored from image. But for Time Machine you'll need a third disk to use as Time Machine disk.

Always have regular backup. Time Machine is recommended way. Boot you Mac into Recovery mode. Click Apply. Now you have to prepare new SSD drive. Click Erase tab and chose name for new device, I recommend to name it SSD , so you can clearly see difference in next steps. This name is for temporary use only. Note: if this disk already was initialized or used on other system like Windows, please delete all existing partitions before this step and start like new!

This is important to have new system bootable. Poweroff and physically swap disks. Do not erase or start using old disk until everything is finished. Do not connect original disk until you are done. Perform actual data cloning. Click Restore and wait so many hours, how many you have to physically copy your data from one drive to another. The boot option will be named exactly the same as was in original hard drive, thus just select it and system will reboot into this his.

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Note: this step is necessary to avoid boot wait, because Mac cannot find original disk anymore, and starts into SSD only after about 30 seconds as recovery boot sequence. Reboot and system will boot fast into old Mac OS X system. IconDaemon Arunas Bartisius Arunas Bartisius 3 3 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. My system with 80GB of data was done in 1. You can skip step 6 and do it later.

Clone and test before physically switching drivers. You can turn the computer on holding option to choose to boot from the USB drive.

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I recommend not to skip this step, it is good test if new system is bootable, else you are wasting time used for restore, and will need to redo if this step failed. You don't need to physically swap, you can still do the test by turning the computer on holding option to choose to boot from the USB drive.

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Giving you thorough solutions to backup your DVDs, convert video, download online videos. Digitize DVDs to protect them from scratch or damage and enjoy them anywhere anytime. This means your CPU — and system fans — stay calm and collected while the rip is happening, unlike Handbrake where everything is maxed out.

Both beginners and advanced users can work with the default conversion settings, which are fully customizable.

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The broad range of supported devices is also a terrific feature, making it an all-in-one DVD to iPod converter for Mac app. This leads to various DVD ripping errors , e.

The "High Quality Engine" and "Advanced Deinterlacing Accelerator" are designed to make sure the output quality is kept the same as the original. It turns out to be min only to rip a full DVD with no loss in quality, depending on computer hardware.

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The unrivalled turbo fast speed casts other competitors into the shade. It greatly reduces the DVD file size to free up your storage space, with output video quality kept maximally. This makes it a snap to turn your DVDs into digital copies for storing, archiving, playing and sharing without even knowing the obscure settings.