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Can it surpass the quality of previous Football Manager games, and does it set a high bar for the succeeding games in the series? When match day arrives, players must put all of their tactics and training to the test. As it is in real life, all these factors will be critical in order to achieve victory for the team.

The general gameplay of the series is pretty enjoyable, especially if you fancy micro-managing. Though the management gameplay is enjoyable, match day itself tends to be quite annoying since the AI of the game in previous releases tend to behave erratically.

The biggest concern with Football Manager is its design aesthetic. The color scheme they chose for this game is extremely unappealing. The UI is also not pleasing. A lot of text is being been crammed on the screen, and it ends making the text too small to read.

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However, all in all, this is a stable release that will satisfy any fan of the Football Manager series. The classic mechanics are still there for old players to enjoy, and in some cases, a lot of them had even been improved upon. The downlink is down. FIX IT. I need it FIX.

Come on for three days. What do you think about Football Manager Do you recommend it? Airo keeps you out of trouble, crushing every malicious threat out there.

*Football Manager 2005 Downloads* also includes patches for WWSM 2005

If the download doesn't start automatically, click here. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. View full description. Hide Also Grabbed by 2 users. Click on their profile picture to discover more. Its success, ultimately, is down more Its success, ultimately, is down to the fact that it pulls off a spectacularly tricky balancing act. It might be putting things simply, but the two have been married up to create a standout game.

Football Manager 2005 (Mac/PC CD)

But then all this is hardly a surprise. The media section really hangs together properly for arguably the first time, with intriguing options that allow you to play mind games with other managers for instance. And the match day segment has come on at speed, with a smooth and useful highlights option that feels far more natural and integrated than previously.

Does it have flaws? The odd one or two, which are minor niggles caused more as a result of extreme ambition on the part of the developers rather than sloppy work. Yet the real worry is the amount of time the game will sap. Make no mistake, for any armchair football fan who has ever dreamed of taking their team to glory, Football Manager will rob them of months of their life. Accept no imitations.

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